December 13th, 2007

Vexen Crabtree 2015


Travian is an Iron Age wargame where you (slowly) build up a village, train an army, and found new villages... I've been on UK server 1 for nearly a year, but, a new UK Server 4 has just opened, it's been running two weeks. A game runs for at least a year (I don't know how long, really). So now is the perfect time to join! I want you all to join so that I have more allies in the game!

Join Travian Server 4, and it will ask you where in the map you prefer to be (it's a big place). I am in the North-east... so if we all join NE, then, we'll be closer, otherwise it'll take hours to get reinforcements and resources between us.

It's a slow game... log on every few hours and tell your villagers to get on doing something.

Er, and if you join and get your village to 75 population (mine is 111 at the moment) then I get 20 gold :-)