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About How I Use Live Journal

"Friends list"
I can put whoever I want on my friends list. It is no-one elses business to request to be on it or off of it. However polite requests are normally granted.

Journal entries for web pages
Many of my entries are a simple link announcing the launching of a new web page. This is because all my webpages link to a LJ entry, so that people can write comments about that page. If you're not interested in the subject matter, just ignore them. If you wish to argue about the content of the page, then please respond, that is exactly what I use this system for. It means I can collect feedback and respond to context-specific questions. And people can debate the subject content anonymously.

My journal
Is simply a method for networking with my friends and strangers. Some posts are friends-only, some posts are just for specific filtered groups of friends. I don't discuss the internal management of my friends' filters. Again, it's no-one elses business.

Public status
Friends only posts are not public. I will not re-iterate the content of someone elses friends-only entry for anyone. Period. Confidentiality and trustworthiness will not be broken. Conversely, my friends-only posts are not to be quoted elsewhere. They are friends only for a reason. Having said that, I do not post anything on LiveJournal that is so personal that it is a danger to me for others to know. I'm sensible!

Quality of Debate
I will delete some comments on my LJ debating forums. I want posts that are primarily informative and intelligent, or that have a particular point. I will delete posts that have resorted to personal insults or petit squabbling and otherwise contain no actual information, and I will be a little more stern on the more popular pages that tend to accumulate hundreds of comments. But in general I allow most posts.

I will Hide some posts and comments, generally by friends, who accidentally or unknowningly reveal information (about myself or close friends) that is not supposed to be public knowledge. I will normally tell them what in particular they've said, but sometimes I also don't want it known exactly which facts I'm not letting into the public domain. So if something is deleted or hidden, know it is for a reason. I am not only protecting my own details, but sometimes the details of friends.

If you are having problems with your Vexen, please ensure you are familiar with the standard disclaimer:

If problems persist, please contact Vexen Support via

Thank you for flying Air Vexen.

  • 2005 Apr 30: Added section on Quality of Debate and Security
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