Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Tuesday = at home day

Loud annoying workmen were doing loud annoying things all around the house today, and the hot water was off... instead of sleeping, I was kept up by banging and drilling! Grrr... and then, I couldn't get a shower all day either and had to sit around being smelly! Then were here from 8am till 6pm

Told some pesky reporters that I am definately not going to do anything with them and also that they're fighting an uphill struggle if they expect anyone else to volunteer. They kept trying to stroke my ego and intice me by saying nice things. I have forwarded their details to a list or two, but have warned them no-one is likely to respond.

Have been trawling through error logs and referer logs for my sites, fixed up a dozen silly little errors.

All my friends are going to Whitby! Well at least my housemates aren't anyway.

I'm skint!

What a boring entry!
Tags: ego, insomnia, whitby goth weekend, workmen
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