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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Bane Of Monotheism Website

"Bane Of Monotheism website" by Vexen Crabtree

trippy site

lets get this world together.


Re: trippy site

I invite you to visit my website www.atheistfellowship.com
Dr. Newton Joseph

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very well done, I compliment you on your quotes regarding religion, it's too bad that the rest of the world can't seem to understand.

i was just surfing the web and came across your web page wonderful thought process in the whole thing.
^-^ have a nice day

Your thoughts on Christianity

I was directed to your website by a satanist because he said it backed up what he had to say and offered proof that the Christian God did not exist. I read one of your articles (the one on the crucifixion of Jesus) and, I have to be frank, it showed an obvious lack of knowledge regarding the Bible and the theology surrounding it. Also, I do not see the logic in many of your arguments.

I would love to have a chat with you sometime to show you the errors so that you may correct them and re-evaluate your conclusions.

Mark Ingram.

Email: mp_i@hotmail.com

Re: Your thoughts on Christianity

Why don't you chat with all of us so that we can all be benefited from your great knowledge! Gar

Free Will and God's Omniscience are incompatible!

My Bright website might be intriguing for some logically-inclinded readers....http://www.valdosta.peachnet.edu/~rbarnett/phi/free.html
Dr. Ron Barnette

I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only godless heathen in the world. I probably won't post here often. I have engaged in more religious discussions in my life than I care to think about.
Basically faith is no substitute for knowledge. It is only the last refuge of those who cannot deal with reality. 'Believe' what you like as long as it doesn't impose on those who don't care to hear it.
Have an average day!


ur such a butt!!!
how could u not believe in God!!!!1
R u dumb?
ok scientists have not been able to find out why or how the world exists!
Some sort of god must be there! or there would be no explanation of how things came to be
yes u don't have to be deeply religious but im sorry most atheists are bad people ok
sry to tell u, actually im not
any way if there is no God then there is no harm in believing in a god but if there is a god and ur a dumb atheist then ure in for some torture from hell
im so glad im not a fool like u!

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Re: wat! (Anonymous) Expand
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Good Site

This is a good site most of the information has very good points. But your information is crushing a weak religion (sorry)...the next site u do should be one based on a stronger religion like Islam or even judaism. You might not want to write the site as a person who doesn't believe in "god" (if you don't) but a person prove one point or shares ones message. Also keep away from bias comments, But other than that it is a well rounded site. If u go as deep into islam using science and logic i guarantee you won't come out an unbeliever.

Do research on the The Ahmadiyya Movement is Islam.

Ps. The adam and eve article is very good

Re: Good Site

regarding the idea that the Quran contains science and logic
suggest you go to the 'sceptics annoted Quran'
and then you will come out with a true imppression of the intellectual abilities of the Pedophile Mohammed
(anyone who consummates a marriage to a nine year girl comes under this definition. Prophet or not

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some good points

very good points, important essays. Im just sorry you undermine your own *perceived* credibility by calling yourself a "Satanist". I understand you have complex and varied reasons for aligning yourself with that highly misunderstood philosophy, but why not unleash yourself from the shackles of any philosophical monicker and just be a person who thinks for yourself, encouraging others to do the same? PS, Have you read any of Robert G. Ingersoll's work?

Why assume god ( if he/she/it exists ) is omniscient?
Why assume things such as god and a soul are able
to be comprehended at all?

I found your site by googling: scripture "circular logic". .
that piece was alright. No more than common sense
would tell you, but nice to read articulated.

When the buddha was asked who created the universe, he
answered in silence.

This, I tend to believe, is the best answer.

Buddhism is not necessarily atheist

I found your site through google. I would like to say that I appreciate the satanists. At least they are more tolerant than christians and muslims.
However I would like to inform you that buddhism cannot be assumed to be atheistic or theistic. The Buddha remained silent on the matter of god.


Re: Buddhism is not necessarily atheist

no wonder they are satan ists!

Argument / counter-argument

Impressive collection of concise, well-written arguments. But I feel duty-bound to give you a tirade. I am Godzilla and you are Japan. There is a tendency in this gabbling, bourgeois, clever-clever, people-carrier-driving modern world of ours to automatically hate any kind of religious faith, because it requires imagination and unapologetic individuality. You people fear me because I could so easily demolish your luxury homes and replace them with a statue of 83-year old Tony the right-wing Giraffe, sitting atop the bones of TV chefs, reading a hardback copy of Valis. People don't care about death, they either blank it out, or secretly acknowledge that there's nothing inside them worth trying to save from death. With religious belief (and I get the impression that this is what Vexen is thinking, too), you have to be able to defend it to the Nth degree, with no blind spots. You ain't gettin' me on no plane, mo' fu. In 1999, I was awarded the C.S Lewis Cross (first class - that's right, look impressed) for sneering at over two hundred athiests in one night, then escaping completely unscathed into the undergrowth. Interestingly, both my ex and myself both kept obsessive dream-diaries -I can't wait to read Vexen's when I get the time, judging by the headings, they'll read like a cross between Flaming Carrot and George A Romero. Monotheists and athiests are polar opposites; this is significant. If there's one thing Philip K Dick taught us, it's that there's an insurmountable law in this universe that states that anyone with abstract spiritual ideas is forced to sound ever more insane in proportion to how strongly they believe it. I believe the cosmic watch-maker theory, it makes sense. But there's nothing more inane than when Christians proclaim the existence of G. by citing pretty rainbows, flowers, love, etc. The most convincing argument is that physical matter knows nothing of consciousness. I repeat: matter can't be reconciled with consciousness. Neurons, RNA, quantum particiles, the limbic system --granted, all this can explain perfectly how we think, but not the purely abstract region that is the human Mind (this does, of course, hanker back to that old chestnut, 'I know with certainty that I exist, but for all I know, everyone else is no more than a walking, talking puppet --I could argue that belief in other people's consciousness requires as much faith as belief in God. It's as though our existence here has been carefully placed between two big barriers, or two possibilities; existence-for-its-own-sake and nonexistence, oblivion. Perhaps the prospect of Death is like a macrocosmic verson of Schrodinger's Cat Paradox. Vexen might all-but succeed in destroying monotheism, but what good can come of it? Charles Darwin. In schools and in the media, everyone seems to worship him for this one very simple idea. In all probability, everyone in Victorian Britain already knew it, every moustacheoed policeman, every street urchin, every remote control dog, Mary Poppins, Frankie Hedgerow, everyone, especially me --natural selection and evolution do an excellent job of destroying the idea of religion. But what are we left with then? I'll tell you --for anyone with the slightest trace of a personality or an imagination, there's nothing left but the hysterical fear of nothingness. Philip Larkin. That character from The Fast Show who is happily painting the gloriously vivid colours of the English countryside, but then something reminds him of death, and he smashes the eisel and starts ranting like a crazy bitch. It is my opinion that any one who claims they don't have this inside of them - it's O.K, but you are a hippy and a bourgeois. That's why I'm not a Bhuddist --it might work for some people (I was impressed by Aldous Huxley's reconciling it with conventional monotheism in 'The Doors...'). I will try and preserve my personality into the afterlife by any means necessary. My name is J. I don't want to get to Heaven and find I'm a hybrid of J., an Egyptian washer woman, a Roman shoe-shine boy, etc. Anyway, I'm bored now. Goodbye.

Would you argue the existance of the tooth fariy or the easter bunny?

No, you would laugh and dismiss the whole topic altogether. For those that even bother arguing against the existance of a god, you are as pathetic as those that sincerely promote this concept. When Tarzan said to Jane "Tarzan wants Jane" his primitive apelike conditioning didn't allow him to make the jump to a subjective distinction of his own identity.(primitive man expressed his identity this way) The same goes with a religious person. When the pastor says "Only god knows" his primitive reasoning doesn't allow him to make the subjective distinction of his own conscience which ultimately is shaped by his social conditioning and instinctual desires.

Re: Would you argue the existance of the tooth fariy or the easter bunny?

It is existence not existance smarty pants.

great site

just what it says on the tin really - nice site dude


I am soo glad that someboy else out there realizes the lies and stories that christianity is based off of. I mean either the stories were taken from old pagan mythology or the catholic churh invented them in order to gain more power


There is nothing about Christianity that is a "lie." Christians really do believe what they state they believe. Thus, they may at most be ignorant if they are incorrect, but they are not liars. This reminds me of the whole weapons of mass destruction b.s. Bush was not a liar; he was ignorant.

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Good Logic But Perhaps Wrong Premises

All of your arguments are logical. However, they all assume that God is good or God is all powerful. It may be that God is not evil. Perhaps he is neutral. Furthermore, what is "good" or "all powerful?" Just because the Bible uses those terms does not mean that they mean them in the sense that you use them in. The truth is that God, especially in the old Testament sometimes acts in ways we would describe as "good" or "evil." He doesn't seem to have the unidimensional aspects you are defining for him. FINALLY, AN ALL POWERFUL GOD HAS THE POWER TO LIMIT HIS OWN POWER. Thus, Although God could intervene he choses not to. You might say his noninterventionism is evil, but how do YOU know. We might all really be in some other universe right now. Perhaps we are just Angels who chose to plug ourselves into some video game. Maybe when we suffer God doesn't care as much as we think we should because this reality is not the real reality or perhaps it is a reality but one of somewhat lesser value to a reality that is without the limitations of Time and Space. FINALLY, IF GOD CHOSE TO GIVE ALL OTHER BEINGS EQUAL KNOWLEDGE WOULDN'T HE JUST BE CLONING HIMSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN? If he has all these other characteristics, he cannot possibly create another being with all the same characteristics that he supposedly has because if he created another all powerful being that being could not REALLY be all powerful, since only one can be all powerful. Thus, God chose to not to make endless clones of himself for no purpose and create other creatures. Over all, the predominate theory about this universe is that it was created - there was a big bang. But what created the big bang? This universe's beginning was the beginning of time and space, thus, there must be some other universe where space and time do not exist in order for this one to have been created 15 billion years ago. Thus, at the very least there has to be something beyond space and time that created this place. And since all the matter that exists existed at that time, there must have been something that planned out how everything was going to ulimately shape out later. The truth is that in size the planet Earth is a quark of a quark of a quark, etc compared to the entire universe. Perhaps we are selfish when we think all of little selfish needs on this planet need to be fulfilled when we want them to. Perhaps we feel a little too special and therefore can't deal with the pain of not having our prayers answered. God is busy; the universe is big, and perhaps he thinks your an asshole or doesn't care, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is "Evil." The creation of life itself and an opportunity to laugh and cry and enjoy food, etc seems like something kind to do. Think about it, God gives organisms pleasureable feelings in the two most frequent and necessary functions they engage in, eating and reproduction. If he was evil, he'd make these most basic functions torturous, not pleasurable. Thus, God can't be all bad. Perhaps he is neutral. But Holiness is not necessarily goodness. And what is "good" in our eyes may be different to God. I think you are just mad that God never helped you enough in life when you needed him or you are just mad that you don't know everything. Well, sorry, God didn't feel like making a bunch of clones, perhaps he did create a few clones and got bored and decided to make us. Perhaps sheer boredom is the reason for our creation. If so, don't get mad at God just because he likes to be entertained! Afterall, humans love their video games. Sincerely, Gar.