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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

(no subject)

Welcome back from Whitby everyone!!! Don't worry, the whitby flu will pass! Drink lots of water!


People = bad

Machines = good

However, Vexen=unrepentant person! Does this make me a worse, or better, person to be unrepentant about being Human?

An odd question :-)

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You must love The Terminator. ;)

What are you trying to repent about?? Being human, or for doing something while being human?

I do love The Terminator :-) And T2! Rather quite a lot :-)

And I love Tetsuo too! And Tetsuo 2! (Seen them? If not, watch Tetsuo immediately, it'll change the way you look at machinery!)

And HR Giger's "biomechanoids" of all types... and the Cenobites! (Although technically they're human (fetish-power) demons, they feel mechanical!)

Nah I'm not repenting about anything in particular, just about being negative and crap sometimes.

What's the last thing you repented of? (Secularly or religiously!)

I liked the first Terminator movies, but the third one sucked. Nope, haven't seen Tetsuo. What is it? :)

Me? Repent?? Uhhh... ::looking around innocently:: I don't have anything to repent about. Well, nothing I'm willing to disclose in LJ, that's for sure. ;)

I haven't seen the third one actually, I will do sometime.

Oh... like saying nothing for LJ didn't make my ears perk... damn humans and their stubborn insubordination to the almighty Vexen!

*roars a mighty roar as thunder strikes which does pound the f e a r of God, the wrathful God, into the hearts of the tribes of the distant part of the world known by the lost mortals as California, but known in Hell as "Land of the Insubordinate and Teasingly Secretive who art all condemned to the seventh height of heaven!" *

Ahem... *goes back to normal*... what was I saying? Oh Tetsuo...

It's a Japanese film about a fetishist who inserts metal into his body, but, his body starts going rusty and he looses control of himself and goes on a rampage, and everything mechanical or metal that he touches turns into smouldering, rusting, living parts of himself. My description just makes it sound silly, but it's darky done, like a cross between Pi, Hellraiser and Lawnmower Man, but in black and white and is a silent film.

The drill scene that I mentioned is ... not to be mentioned on LJ either but you can probably find descriptions of it on LJ.

Tetsuo 2 has him become a horrific, tortured, tanksized warmachine in a love affair with another rusty-fetish-human-metal-bloody-female-messedupcyborg type thing. It's unclear, in the first film, where this second woman comes from... it's been a while since I saw it so the plot makes even less sense in memory than it did on film.

Basically, it's a gore flick except there's virtually no blood, but lots of twisted metal.

I have the feeling I haven't sold this to anyone... *goes to find some reviews*

Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer


"A young man in overalls aimlessly walks past row upon row of grimy, rundown factory buildings. The shaky, handheld camera that follows him cuts away every so often to take in the full view of the surrounding decay - broken windows, faceless brickwork and hulks of rusting metal lying scattered on the ground [...] every hour the man looks on in horror as flesh gives way to metal. His partner is horrified by what she sees and with the transformation the mans behaviour becomes ever more manic [...] finally confronted by the original iron man who has tracked him down. A battle of metal on metal begins and transformation follows transformation as each tries to gain [...] climaxes with the confrontation ending not in defeat for either but with both iron men becoming fused together, unleashing one massive rocket powered iron monster that proceeds to speed through the streets of Tokyo"

The reviews remind that I couldn't remember much of the plot - I'd completely forgotten there was an "original" and a "murderer" iron man and that they fought at the end before becoming entangled together and mergin!

Described as "What happens if you listen to too much industrial music!"

"Somewhere between a modern-day nightmare and a techno-fetishist's ultimate fantasy, this extraordinary black and white film from Shinya Tsukamoto caused a sensation when it was first released, and spawned a companion piece, Testsuo 2: Body Hammer.

Concerning itself with a young man's gradual mutation into a metal-being, the film takes a surreal journey into a dark and disturbing world where D.I.Y. body transformations and post-human women with deadly robot arms form the fabric of a starnge new reality.

Likened to the work of Lynch and Cronenberg, Tetsuo moulds explosive violence, bizarre sexual imagery and jet-black humour into a cinematic experience like you've never seen before."

"original filmmaker, Sogo Ishii, was going through a creative crisis, along came a grainy, black & white 16 mm film that wiped the floor with anything made in Japan for several years. Shinya Tsukamoto's Tetsuo was a relentlessly energetic film [...] the transformation of people into grotesque hybrids of flesh and metal, Tetsuo is above all an overwhelming audiovisual experience, set to a brain-pounding score"

There are just some things a person doesn't want TEN MILLION PEOPLE knowing about!

I do NOT fear 'God.' >:Þ

Californians are no longer the insubordinate and teasingly secretive folks they once were! No. They are turning VANILLA, overly cooperative, and are too quick to lay out all their damn whiney problems to anyone who'll listen. It sucks. There's no such thing as privacy anymore.

Tetsuo sounds kinda cool. :) I've heard of all the other three films you mention and saw parts of Pi years ago.

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