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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Trident

The Trident: It's symbolism and history

A boring and simple summary about the (non-)role of The Trident within LaVey Satanism.

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It's not boring. :)

Btw, I thought you'd like to see this photo. It reminds me of your love of machines. :)

Satan and the Trident

Hey Vexen. I just read your bit on Satanism and the Trident. I just so happen to have recently made some Satanist T-shirts with the Trident motif on
In my description I said this about the Trident:
"The trident itself is an ancient mythological symbol of strength and virility in many cultures.
It has been suggested that the three prongs symbolise human sexuality. The prong in the middle represents the male reproductive organ and the two outer prongs form the curved shape of the female reproductive organ, thereby creating a powerful symbol of fertility and power."

So you can see the trident has a certain affinity with Satanism if you look at it as a symbol of blatant sexuality over "spirit".

Check out my T-shirts here if you want to:

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