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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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"Gay people should "reorientate" themselves by seeking psychiatric help, the bishop of Chester said yesterday, reigniting the furious row about attitudes to homosexuality within the Church of England"

"Alan Wardle, a spokesman for the gay rights group Stonewall, reacted angrily to Dr Forster's remarks. "Homosexuality was declassified as a medical condition more than 30 years ago," he said. "I'd prefer the bishop should stick to sorting out the problems in his own church." "

The Church of England's, and the Vatican's, recent ignorance and hatred have all made me want to start doing stuff for Stonewall again.

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Well that's sold it to me...

*goes off to seek psychiatric help*

Grrr...load of crap,

I'm bisexual what do they have to say about me then?

I don't know, they don't often talk about bisexuality. They probably don't believe in it, or they'd just call you a lesbian and cite Romans 1:26-27 or something, or one of a few other traditonal anti-sexuality passages.

Most of Christianity has serious problems even trying to *think* about anything that doesn't conform to St. Paul's ordained heterosexual nuclear family with a dominant male and submissive housewife...

Oh... the typical things are that lesbianism is caused by liberalism, by feminism and by perversion and immorality.

The scary thing is that in the USA you can actually find fundamentalist psychiatrists who try everything from shock therapy to exorcism to try and turn non-straight people into life-hating Christians. The world is messed up... the more bisexuals, the better!

Hang on I'm far too busy writing this, according to our beloved theist friends we should both be busy converting young children to feminism and perversity!

(Deleted comment)
2200 years old... Church of England is actually becoming completely evangelical, so, it's going to get worse. The only hope is that the major Christian churches die horrible deaths.

It's hypocritical that they spent so much time condemning gays and can't lift a pen to condemn the paedophile rapists that are instutionalized into the very same Church!

I really don't pay any attention to what churches have to say about sexual orientation. Most of them are irrational and don't even bother listening to scientific findings.

Ignorance indeed.

No they don't :-(

Claiming to be "the light", at the center of most churches is a little remnant of the dark ages!

Not just a little remnant, some churches are 100% steepled anachronism. You should have seen some of the Christians that were protesting at Witchfest yesterday - megaphones and pickets that had slogans like "JESUS HATES ALL SINNERS". And to think that there are even more radically fundamentalist churches out there.. *shakes head*

I'd comment more, but I need to go for my sexuality therapy and demon exorcism now. :p

Yeah and they're getting worse too, some 60% of all Church of England (surely a liberal church?) new members are evangelical Christians now, and the % is even higher for new clergy. It's ironic that all their talk is of love, but all their activism is about hate!

There were some fundies at my uni who used to picket any of the LGB Society events.

Enjoy the session :-0

For a faith which supposedly promotes peace and chaste behaviour, the Bible seems to have an awful lot of smiting and begetting in it.

Light... of what? To me, if you have to work so hard to "see the light" it means you ARE looking from a point of ignorance. Who says there's no wisdom to be found in darkness? I think that's probably the analogy they're making: their 'wisdom' being THE LIGHT and everyone else is 'in the dark.' That and the light is supposed to represent the sunlight sky ('sky god'), is it not? As if nothing exists once the sun goes down... I still view most of orthodox religions to be stuck in the Dark Ages on some levels; there's no *light* in that!

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