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Starting 9pm last night I continued my fitness stuff, I'm doing pressups now!

Doing 30 pressups on the hour... my alarm goes off hourly, I drop what I'm doing on the computer, and do 30 pressups straight. Rar. It gets harder every hour.

But last night after five sets of 30, I switched to 40! Normally I switch to 30 and doing a few 40s. 40 pressups! I then, over six hours, done 240 pressups... rar... time to start doing 50, I think!

So in total between 9pm and 7am I done 390 pressups... rar! I don't do as many during the week, I'm definately most productive during night than during evening.

In addition, I'm going to start running again too, if I can fit it in.
Tags: fitness, pressups, running
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