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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Starting 9pm last night I continued my fitness stuff, I'm doing pressups now!

Doing 30 pressups on the hour... my alarm goes off hourly, I drop what I'm doing on the computer, and do 30 pressups straight. Rar. It gets harder every hour.

But last night after five sets of 30, I switched to 40! Normally I switch to 30 and doing a few 40s. 40 pressups! I then, over six hours, done 240 pressups... rar... time to start doing 50, I think!

So in total between 9pm and 7am I done 390 pressups... rar! I don't do as many during the week, I'm definately most productive during night than during evening.

In addition, I'm going to start running again too, if I can fit it in.

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Of course 40/50 isn't much compared to athlete-fitness, but you know I'm only doing this to make training a bit easier later on when I *do* start athlete-level fitness training!

You ain't human!

Or perhaps you're unusually human.

Anyway: go go go!

Push-ups? You must have killer chest & arm muscles! :)

I don't understand your use of the word 'done' for the past tense of 'do.' Is it really spoken that way? I guess I'm just used to hearing "did" or in certain instances, "have done." I've never heard anyone else use 'done' the way you do. Curious. ;)

In my mind I don't! I just have grit determination and an obediant body!

Obediant most the time... sometimes it goes and buys chocolate and eats it, and I'm nothing but an observer!

Done / Did
I do get this wrong, people tell me from time to time that I've said "done" when I should have said "did" etc, I don't know why I keep getting it wrong. It's a persistent error and I should sort it out! I say it in speach sometimes too.

I did another 50. Did. Did!!! Did!!! See, I can get it right when I think about it :-) but by default I would have said "Done" in that sentance.

Every time I've ever decided to get into better shape, I've succeeded. The only obstacle lately being a couple of persnickety body problems that don't want to cooperate, but I still push myself 'cuz... I'm just one of those weird freaks who enjoys exercise, movement and dance!

My body takes over sometimes and buys chocolate, too. *L* And then eats too much of it over the course of a week, but usually at some point the effects start catching up and then my mind finally takes over and says STOP!!!!!!!!!

Done... did. Must be one of those mental blocks from childhood. :Þ I still get tripped up on a few things, too. Whatever. We're only human!

Yeah movement and dance! Big kitties are very much in shape, I can tell you've got cat in your blood although I do imagine you to be a small kitty not a big one :p :p

With "Done", I think it's a childhood block thing too.

Would it be "I wonder what I done to deserve it!" or "... did to deserve it?" ... hey I figured it!!

"I wonder what I've done to deserve it!" AND "I wonder what I did to deserve it"

You're right, the clue is definately with the word "have"!

Yes, I'm sure I'm part cat. :Þ I must've been a cat in a previous life. Cats gravitate toward me, I speak their language, and even my hubby says, "you purr and whine just like the cat." *L* No, I'm not really a *big* cat--only 5'5." I don't know my weight in stones, though I do remember asking what the conversion is for stones to pounds, or vice versa.

Did to deserve it... that's correct! HAVE done, HAVE done. :) (I'm also part Grammar Bitch. Can ya tell? ;))

You might just turn out to be a sexy little thang, heh.
*Runs and hides*

What an excellent idea. I'd been trying to find ways of compelling myself to do enough upper body exercise (I get the rest from skating), since the morning / evening ritual hasn't been working out lately.. Now I just need to buy myself a watch. o.O

No mobile phone? Mines' got a timer on it, I can set it to go off after x minutes countdown. Then I do the stuff, and reset it straight afterwards.

But yeah for jogging I used to take a digital watch with me (er, and keys to get back in) with no strap, with just a laptimer on it so I could accurately time from start to finish.

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