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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Going to be in Lewisham library for a few hours. Will be reading international politics (in particular will look for good book on Iranian 1979 revolution), then am making way to Greenwich at lunchtime to revise/study for my approaching finals for the Cisco course I'm doing.

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Hey, I was dating an Iranian guy named Farshad who came out to the U.S. (along with some of his uncles and cousins) to get away from all the crap going on there, and this was 1979! (and damn, he was cute) He wouldn't say much about the Shah but he was from Tehran. Things have really changed there since then; it's sad.

On a similar theme, i was in Waterstones bookshop on sunday morning and was browsing the history section when a book on the middle east caught my eye. It's an area few people really pay attention to, like the break up of the oOtoman empire or how the different Muslim factions arose. All these things are quite important when you consider the size of the Islamic religon and the economic resources of the middle east.

Other areas i'm wanting to look into are China, India and America. Oh, and not forgetting cold war Europe.

Good luck with your finals if i don't comment again before them :)

Yeah, if you know the history of the Ottoman empire SO MUCH more makes sense in the Middle East!

Unfortunately, I hardly know that history.

But I know enough to know it's important!

My problem is i have a brain like seive, if i could remember half of what i've read or heard i'd be great :P

Yeah me too. Sometimes though I discover a subject that seems "ripe" and I take it all in instantly! It feels good. But most the time I go from book to book, subject to subject, only remembering odd bits and general trends.

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