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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

International Discord and UN Contempt

The USA: International Discord and UN Contempt

I should add stuff, in particular, about USA military aggression in Iraq, that went against international wishes and generated a lot of anti-Americanism, however, I'm pressed for time and trying to finish up a load of half-finished notes and webpages so it'll have to do as it is, for now!

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What makes the UN legitimate? Is it an elected body? From where does its authority derive. For each charge of corruption on the part of the United States there are strong examples of UN corruption. i.e. Sexual abuse of refugees, the oil for food scandal. etc. Why should the American people surrender their influence in the world to this body.

I admit the US uses the UN to advance its own foriegn policy. How is that different than the rest of the worlds nations? Is that bad? Do you not like us because if we don't agree with the UN we do what we want to anyway? If the US thinks the UN is wrong why shouldn't we act accordingly.

Why is it that European hate bush. Always, the Kyoto accord, Iraq and other are brought up. The senate is responsible for ratifying treaties in the US. They voted down Kyoto unanimously. Under the constitution of the United States the president is responsible to support and defend the Constitution. (Not listen to what the UN says or wants.)

Evidently The American people are happy with him. Since they sent him to the white house but the largest margin in recent memory.

The problem with approval of the Kyoto Accord is that the majority of Americans do not believe in the mythology of Global Warming. As such we do not feel that "reforms" suggested in the treaty are worth doing on what amounts to an unproven theory.

The argument that we wanted Iraqs OIL is almost to ludicrous to warrant a reply. If we wanted the oil we could have lifted the sanctions on it had it cheap. Do the math on what the investment in the war has cost. We couldn't pump oil fast enough out of IRAQ to pay for this.

The reason we act alone is most likely because Europe is uncapable of acting even if it wanted to. Why should we be slaves to your whims? Why should we trust to you to provide for our defense?

Re: Curious

Wow... I never realised I'd actually have to say this:

"Why is it that European hate bush."- Europeans hate Bush for a number of reasons (i'm naming a few):

-OBVIOUS arrogance/ignorance
-His stupidity- listen to any speech, and you'll know what i mean... his teleprompter doesn't have pronunciation.

(this source is not EXACTLY european- i realise that.)

"Americans do not believe in the mythology of Global Warming."- Americans DO NOT believe in global warming. Why else would they CONTINUE to be the leading producer of Carbon dioxide and other green house gases (they contribute well over 1/2 of the WORLD-WIDE or GLOBAL CO2 emissions yearly.) So yes, i do agree with this statement.

"The argument that we wanted Iraqs OIL is almost to ludicrous to warrant a reply." - it's happened before, it'll happen again and again and again... go back and read your 9th grade history text book.

As for why Europeans don't like the US, because they've screwed up too many times. (They... i mean WE) Was a 5 year war necessary to "capture the terrorists"? No, it was pulled out that long because Bush wanted a 2nd term.

Also, not only do Europeans hate Bush, MANY americans HATE/DESPISE Bush. Less than 1/2 the population wanted him... so why'd he win?
-corrupt system
-controlling of voters... (both democrats AND republicans are to blame, however... the republicans have used this method for YEARS, democrats are testing it out.)

NEVER in all my years of travel have I ever seen so many riots in a month than in DC. There are mini riots in front of the white house practically 5-6 times a week! I was in Paris when the students were prtoesting, and that was nearly as violent or noisy as any seen in DC.

Please, give SOME thought as to what i've said, and i would like to clue you in, I'm an american citizen who travels a lot (basically... i don't live in the US anymore, but i was born there...)

100 bucks your a liberal that actually believes:

1) that the USA went to Iraq only for oil - which we haven't gotten as of 5/26/07.

2) that the Bush administration knew about 9/11 all along- forgetting that Clinton was in power and decided to do NOTHING after the 1st WTC bombing and the USS Cole bombing.

3) that the UN actually stands for something - other that just being full of corrupt politicians stealing money and living a life of luxury in NYC while the people back in the old country die of disease-HIV,TB- genocide, and starvation.

Oh, but I forgot that is all the USA and Bush's fault. Not the anti-semetic people in power in the UN and, beyond my belief, the democrats in the US government.

Heads up, the power in the US resides with the Congress-House of Rep and Senate- NOT the president.

An no I am not Jewish, but agnostic and a right leaning moderate.

I said years ago the kick the UN out and time has just shown how right I was.

so leave then ...

If you dont like the way the USA does business, tell your politicians, to go to the UN building in New York they lavishly operate from, pack their third world trash, and GET OUT of the states.

Quite honestly, I would LOVE nothing more than to see the day the UN is out of here, and we, the USA leave the UN, and go back to WW2 era operation. Common interests, common values and common allegiences create working organizations like NATO. One single body doesnt work anyway .. and while we're on corruption .. *oil for food* .. and HOW many bribery cases? and how in the world did hurricane katrina releif funds end up in Italy?! THE UN, THATS HOW.

Symbolically as it may be, I am serving the rest of the world eviction notice. GET OUT NOW. We hate you as much as you hate us.

Hating the USA?

If you hate Bush, USA, whatever, at least get your facts 100% correct first. Your coming across like a looney person pulling facts out of their asses.


Hey, I agree with the idea about commercialism and globalization. But globalization is bad for the lower and middle class in the US too. Also, the country is so split down the middle. 50/50. I remember hearing that many Europeans couldnt believe that the US that elected Obama was the same country that elected Bush. The truth is that it is not. It is the other half. Because it is so split, nothing ever gets done. Meanwhile the globalized capitalism from the 70's keeps everyone scrambling like mice to get at the few bread crumbs of wealth they can get at. And it is not that the US is not aware of the toll that globaliztion takes on these countries. I have so many friends from India, for exmple, who argue why globalization is good for thier country. I explain to them that they just think that because they are of the upper caste and are on top of the system, and that if it was not so over populated I wouldnt be surprised if the poor factory workers formed unions like in the US.

I don't get why people want to make this about an issue between nations. Every country has someone benefiting from globalization and has a bunch of people hurting from it. That should be the focus, how the world trade organization has shady meetings in places like Dubai, with all these billionaires. While the rest of us, from whatever nation, are getting fucked in the ass.

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