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Done 480 pressups so far today, as well as a casual little jog (less than a mile). Doing sets of 40, hourly.

I ate a steaming hot premade shephards pie. Yum. The house is completely empty, nobody's been in all day.

I done some final socializing yesterday, saying goodbye to some loved ones and friends, and sat in the Dev for the last time, knowing how much I'll miss everyone! (And miss simply being there!). For the forseeable future I'm going to wearing green, not black!

I'm excited and impatient. Still, a week to go!! I should practise morse code. I was up to a kind of amateur speed last month. After this initial training, I'll become "an expert in high speed morse", and I think I've done enough of it to know that I'll do fine in that minor topic. Despite it being only really useful when everything else has failed, I am being trained in communications-in-all-circumstances!
Tags: fitness, food, jogging, morse, pressups, shephards pie
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