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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Cisco finals

Been doing a series of Cisco final exams... getting 90-something % in all of them, I thought I'd be getting less on account of rushing through it now.

I'm still rushing, and have 2 more final exams, a practical exam and a written case study to complete. Will I complete it by Friday??? It's very close!

Here is an absolutely HILLARIOUS multiple-choice question that from the final - sometimes it throws these clanger-questions in, just to keep the exams entertaining, I think!:

36. What is an advantage of layering in the OSI reference model?
  • It breaks network communications into larger parts.
  • It increases complexity.
  • It prevents changes in one layer from affecting other layers.
  • It requires the use of single-vendor equipment for hardware and software communications.
Please tell me none of you, despite never having studied Cisco, are unsure as to what the right answer is!!

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, that's the only one that didn't make me laugh when I read the question...

I have no idea. *L* I don't even know what OSI is. And what is Cisco?

OSI is a 7-layer model that is used to design computer communications protocols. The idea is you can update how one layer is without other layers being affected. So, for example, you can install a new, faster-than-before cable (Physical=Layer 1), and you don't have to rewrite the way IP Addresses work (Layer 3). Likewise, you can change the way an Internet Email program works (Application=Layer 7) and not have to change the way SMTP works (the actual protocol that sends email data between servers and computers).

The OSI model is immensely useful for standardisation purposes, without it, the Internet would actually be a massively more complicated place.

Cisco is the company that makes most the Routers and Switches. These are devices that connect ISPs together, and are responsible for choosing the routes that data takes to get from one place to another. (ISPs have routers connected to a network of routers and routing companies, the whole system is massively adaptable and routes change all the time).

Cisco CCNA is a certification to say that I can configure Routers and Switches and can technically configure all the popular Internet protocols, as well as design and maintain large scale corporate networks.

And finally... a BIG SORRY for all the geekiness but I hope it was clear or a *little bit* interesting!

Oh, okay, I get it now. :) Is this the same Cisco Systems located in Silicon Valley here in northern Cal? (I used to know someone who worked there.)

(Deleted comment)
So true, but I think they only *admit* that no3 is the right answer...

36. What is an advantage of layering in the OSOMETHING?

* It breaks net-thingy into larger parts.
* It increases complexity.
* It prevents changes in The Layer Things.
* It requires the use of single stuff things hoo-hah.

This seems not to make any sense at all!

1. How do you break something into LARGER parts?

2. Although many users would tut and immediately think up some whitty anti-MS retort, in computing increasing complexity is seen as a definate disadvantage! So it can't be an advantage of anything!

3. Almost meaningless techie stuff.

4. Restriction of services to single vendors or providers, in short to make it all a proprietary structre of a particular company, is a definate disadvantage, especially on anything that needs to be hugely versatile like the Internet.

So it's got to be answer 3, simply because it's the only one that isn't a stupid answer!

a,b, and d

And of course it's not C; that'd just be something too much like good planning and co-operation between multiple workgroups to be true.

Well no, in REALITY it'll never get as good as the model would have it. But, nonetheless, the Gospel Truth According to Cisco is that number 3 IS the right answer, and no amount of reality or cynicism is going to make them rewrite their course material!

I did get 3 in the end, but only after some thinking. *sniffles and looks un-geeky*

*smiles and hugs*

I'm going on Monday for 3 months, is a shame I didn't get to come see you beforehand, maybe after ok!

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