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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Page deleted. See its parent page: About the United States of America.

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USA's only been unparalleled-dominant for sixty years, (and for some of those Russia was seen as a second superpower), just wait another hundred years and I suspect it'll be hated just as bad as the European colonnial powers, the Roman Empire, Genghis Khan... etc!

(That made me think... could I list "The Vatican" in the same way?)

There's actually an interesting book I've been on the lookout for (although I'm not going to have the chance until Feburary as I'm going away for 3 months to a place with no libraries... or Internet)... "The Rise and Fall of Nations", which is a look at the similarities between... well, you can guess.

well as to the vatican the thing of it
is that in aspects of its history and reality
it really has followed the idea that
the first is the "servus servorum.."
and it is then of course that we may
recognize the voice of the Fisherman...
and in other moments of course there
was Caesaro-Papism which led Dante
to the two poles idea in de monarchia
positing post of Emperor and of Pope...
it you are learned in Tarot you will
perhaps know Tomberg's discussion of
these posts in his meditations...but
I am rambling...
so of course it is not of the same order
really yet I would say in the Popes in my
time(which is a while) have been better
statesmen than almost any world leaders...
and also for the most part having the
servant's heart...
but I am runinng on...
as to rise and fall... I think the excitments do
us little good perhaps and Stephen Daedelus
in saying "history is a dream from which I
am trying to awake" is no doubt also
unbalanced but corrective...
these tangential

Re: hate

Amo mi país, y la gente que es tan irregularmente contra-Americana es las estúpidas. Ella es apenas celosa a que ningunas cuidan sobre su país estúpido. ¡- un americano que habla ocho idiomas, así que el chinga usted!

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