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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Page deleted. See its parent page: About the United States of America.

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The EU against the US

Thanks for your nice word about 'us poor bedraggled Yanks'. Not only are we forced to have the Idiot King as President for two terms (and no, as our Former President Carter has himself recently said, Bush was NOT the elected President), but we have to be told that we're hated 24/7. I am like most Americans I know -- I hate Bush, against the Iraqi war crime he calls a "war", I suspect Bush had a greater roll in 9/11 than any Arab country did, and I have a deep affection for Europe (and hope that, someday, it may be returned) because it's the land of my ancestors. Also like most Americans, I'm deeply concerned with the environment. Here's the bad news: the country isn't run by the people now. It's run by the Carlisle Group, which is an international corporation. Americans are as much an enemy to them as the Iranians are (we may even be more feared than the Iranians). In short, your average American has *nobody* on his side -- not even our own government.

Beyond that, I think what we are seeing now is a many-year process of the more extreme ends of European society seeking to promote hatred toward Americans, just as we have the Fox News cadre in the US promoting the "cheese-eating surrender monkey" idiocy. We're all victims of shepherds at war. They each want to destroy the other. As long as we're all conscious of the indoctrination we're being given, we can keep them on a leash (can one leash a shepherd?). They're using very primitive primate dynamics on us.

If we don't watch out, we'll be at war with each other before we know it. You guys keep the Yankophobes in check and we'll try to curb the "freedom fry" morons, okay? :)

To the remarks made, I'd like to suggest the following considerations.

This is a big one -- my people no more "left the UK" (as in "abandoned it") than someone moving from California to Hawaii sees himself as leaving the US. One would hope we could get past this ancient history, but I've had this pitched at me so many times, it's unreal. In fact, many members of my family were brought over by force during the Scots-Irish peasantry/plantation era. One of my family surnames originally meant "property of the lord".

Also, the English language was brought over here during the time of Shakespeare, when spellings varied greatly. Our spellings are no more "misspellings" than yours are. We merely took one variation while you have another. Just as you have the right to the culture of your own ancestors, I have the right to that of mine. It just so happens they were the same people. No, we don't speak "American English", we speak as viable a form of English as my British friends do. Only if we call the UK flavor "British English" may I begin to see the point of "American English" and "Australian English".

Incidentally, I live in a tiny home, I compost and recycle. I only know two people who own large houses such as those you describe -- and they're both from Australia. I am fat, but we all have our cross to bear. However, I'm an agnostic with an excellent education, so perhaps (given my fat Yankeeness), this might redeem my humanity a little.

Peace and a time beyond Bush to all of us...

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