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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Ignorance Contributes to USA Antagonism

Page deleted. See its parent page: About the United States of America.

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I think you guys are secretly in love with us...you spend loads of time thinking about us. It's too bad...we don't do the same.

We go about our lives...we don't waste our time thinking about what you're like...if you've gained weight...what kind of music you like...why you call it footie.

I think that's why you like to pull out the dumb card...you're so vain...you guys need a new obsession....hmmm...it's tough...we are hot. I'll get back to you on that.

Ok...I'm done teasing...but it's like why do you care about us so much...you shouldn't. We really don't care that much about what you're thinking about us...that's not to be rude...it's just a waste of time. I don't spend my time concerned with what you're doing or finding new ways to put all of you down...it's lame. So maybe we should all chill and live life.

What happens in America matters to us because America is a hugely rich English speaking country. This means that your media companies have the resources to force their products down our gullets in a way our own media companies can't. Even our biggest newspaper is owned by an Americana citizen (Even if he is Australian born). This means that the same media influences that have damaged America over the years force their way in to UK culture too and this in a world where Democracy has long since been replaced by Mediocracy.

Anglo-African culture in the UK used to be a mixture of African and English culture. Now it's a mix of English mainstream culture and American gang culture. You can imagine the shit that results from that.
We get dragged in to America's wars and Adverts for American product swamp out media outlets.
We would love to see less of America but it's an inescapable force. I can only assume that we must also be getting the worst of America pumped over here because if what we get is a balanced representation of America then yours is truly the most F**ked up country on the planet.

Personally I think the main problem we have over here is the Australian-American I mentioned earlier. Media's the big problem and if the UK wants it's soul back not only dose the BBC have to be stood up for but some kind of rule regarding foreign ownership of TV broadcasting companies and major newspapers is needed. Such powerful political entities need to be run by people who's fortunes are tied to the countries they have such an effect on and actually have a reason to care about the UK.

Dude...lame...you're blaming us because you lack willpower and can't grow a nut. We have no problem turning down your stuff...I guess we have more willpower and bigger nuts...shocking.

Will power dose not come in to it.
Money is what it all boils down to. The pathetic media broadcasters here prefer to buy things in because it's big names on cheap. Only the BBC has the balls to work up new concepts of any worth because that's what it is given money by the government to do, but the media have all been primed to do what they can to destroy the BBC because their bosses have financial interests in other organizations. Our biggest media baron also owns the only viable satalight TV network and many related news channels. He's not even British (American citizen Australian born) but the government back in the 80's sold him the rights to it in return for the on going support of his newspapers (No body at that time even considered the possibility of a politically biased TV news outfit in the UK).

The US music giants have the media might to make sure the music buying public get told to buy their stuff and ignore UK acts. The Only UK artists you hear about are the ones willing to get their tits out for the papers. There is a vibrant UK music scene out there but it's hard to find and you have to know where to look and as soon as a place gets a rep for being a source of decent new interesting music it gets swallowed up by the main stream money men and the most money is of course coming from the American companies. That's Market economics for you really. It slowly dissolves away national culture. It's not Americas fault and I never said it was. They just happened to be the biggest player when media went global.

All the same it doesn't change that actually we are being dragged down by American culture. I don't know if you have other stuff that you watch in the US and we just get the cheap poisonous crap. I suspects that may be the case. I can't believe your nation wouldn't have torn it's self apart if what you send over here is all you have to watch.

Of course there is no British film industry any more worth mentioning. I can't actually remember seeing a decent film recently (Although I have heard good things about UP). There is something about the corporate producers that seem to have watered all films down to something bleached of any strong colour or intellectual challenge. I don't pin this on America as such. It's American companies in charge of it of course but the problem there I think is all the power now being with the money men. Pretend to be challenging because that's cool as long as the main stream feel it's actually challenging to somebody else.

The final problem is this, It's a vicious circle. The problem can not be resolved until the UK government shake up the media and force it to give British culture a chance. Any government that trys to exercise any control on the media will instantly be turn upon by the media and destroyed. add to this that it could be the thin end of a wedge that would lead to to much government control on the media and we have a situation that is not easy to deal with.

As I mentioned before the only thing the government can really do without taking control of the media is make British citizenship a pre-requisite for having a controlling stake in a major UK media organ (newspaper or TV broadcaster).

It's probably to late for this as this battle will all be on the web soon and national boundaries will count for shit. This is why News International/sky(/fox?) wants the BBC out of the way now and is making sure the conservatives are put in to power to do this. The BBC is the UK's trump card in the battle of international culture. It is about to be sold down the river by the conservatives in exchange for the next election. We will then be hailed out of Europe where Murdock dose not have a power base. and then we will be totally subject to the same trash culture as the US and have no choice in the matter.

True enough that it's time this country woak up to it's self, but there are no easy answers to it being America that has the bigger budget and that will always win a media war.

You know if you all stopped watching and buying our products they would go away. So, it's really up to you as a nation to work that out. It sounds odd when you say...."..we're being dragged down by American Culture." do you not take responsiblitly for yourselves?

Fine, you don't like our culture...but why do you have to call it trash? You guys are very ethnocentric. I like my culture and so do many Americans...and I don't feel the need to slam other cultures to make myself feel better...it's very petty.

You seem like a very negative person...I hope you get the U.K. you want...so you can stop blaming us for your problems.

Like I said several times I've no idea if the trash TV we get shipped over here from the states is Representative of what you actually get on TV in the US. What we seem to get over here all seems to be lowest common denominator stuff backed by huge marketing budgets. It's easy to say don't watch it. A lot of the time I don't but when a new American show turns up after weeks of press hype claiming it was a run away success in the states and posters everywhere and sticker books and trading cards and free give aways in all the papers. You can actually be sick of a show before it even arrives. That kind of media hype tells everyone that it's cool to like a show and as ever any decenter are broadly ridiculed and bullied until they follow the popular culture line. The most powerful parts of our press are owned by an American who also runs our only satellite TV Broadcaster. He uses that might to slam most UK productions because he wants his main rival (The BBC) destroyed.

Money dictates culture these days and the UK hasn't had any money since WWII. It's the way of the world. American media companies have no duty or reason to care what state British culture falls in to. It's not their country to worry about. Doesn't stop it being a major contributing factor to the collapse of the UK's soul. Like I said right back near the top of all this it would help if British politicians didn't immediately freak and cowtow(sp?) when America expressed the least displeasure at our actions.

America is a cultural imperialist country. Power dose that of course. I think it's just human nature and of course it's almost as impossible for people of one country to see that what is right for them is destructively bad for anyone else as it is for somebody to truly comprehend the inevitability of their own death. It's just one of those things that people can understand on an academic level but can't actually bring them selves to believe emotionally.

Remember The US is flecking big. So big that you don't realize that some of your corporations are so massive as to wield huge power in them selves. This is power that can be contained and dissipated within a place as big as the US but which can knock a small country like mine for six.

Such is life. It doesn't mean individual Americans are bad. I know many who have escaped over here and some of them are decent people. But as one huge mass you cause emmese damage purely as a function of your size. Do not take it as a huge insult when I say that some times this country should kick back against the influence of America more than it dose and should stand up for it's self more. Not just lay there and be rolled on.

It's scary to think you are our Allies...the only thing that comes to mind is...with friends like you who needs enemies...

Allies, Yes but given America's tenancy to dump on the UK on a regular basis Can we really call America the UK's friend?

I imagen that America still being one of the big three powers in the world America will be friends with who ever it is convenient for it to be friends with on any give day and the leaders of said nation will of course act like America has always been a good friend really and conveniently forget the shit because that how international politics works.

It's called passive/aggressive bullying. Russia seems on the other hand to do Aggressive/Aggressive bullying and China seems to say nothing very public if it can at all help it while quietly buying the loyalty of lots of poorer counties with useful resources (Which is probably why people are starting to like them, if they ever start actually trying to say much I imagen they will become very unpopular very quickly).

When is that...I don't hear negative stuff about the U.K. here...I'm serious too...we don't really hear/talk much of Europe on the news or day to day...I think someone has been telling you stories or you're paranoid.

Of course...hasn't every country done the same? Hmmm...yeah, I wanna live in a country that doesn't look out for my/our interests. Since you're so critical it must mean Europe is like that...only thinking of others...always putting others first...right? When Great Britian, Spain, Portugal, France, etc...were colonizing the Americas did they not do things for their benefit, or did they enslave the Natives and Africans as a favor? Did the Euros not strip the Americas of gold, silver, and other resources...sending all back to Europe...was that another favor? It's amazing and offensive...how Europe overlooks their misdeeds...but holds others to a standard of perfection. Get over yourselves...the pettiness is old...but if you're going to stay in that mode...get some new material...this is played out.

I do agree...we could take more interest in the World...that is an our bad. It's just really hard...getting in the mood/maintaining it when people are telling you how stupid you are, how you're Satan, how they want you to die, etc...maybe it's just us...but they're kinda mood killers.

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