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Ah well, it took me a few days but I've finally got something that looks like a xmas social calendar with the major exception of something to do on NYE!!! What you all doing, and can I join you? ATM, I'm going to go to Slimelight!

2003 Dec 26 (Fri,today) = Clubbing at Tenebre from 9pm or so (or whenever it opens)

2003 Dec 27 (Sat) = East London goth meet from 2pm in Leytonstone (may do other stuff on Saturday though, but not sure about Slimelight as I'll be there on NYE)

2004 Jan 02 (Fri) = Party at friends' house, Greenwich

2004 Jan 03 (Sat) = From afternoon with friend(s) in Leytonstone (that place, again!)

2004 Jan 04 (Sun) - Going away for another 2 months!
Tags: christmas, club tenebrae, greenwich, leytonstone, new years' eve
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