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Was great! I was bit slow and didn't get there until 10:30pm, and actually thought (as the door was closed) that I'd got it all wrong! But I sneaked my way in... to find that I was the only person there! Or... that's what I thought... there were 5 other sneaky goths hiding by the bar, none of which I knew...

Anyway, the night picked up to medium-busy within an hour or two, thankfully, and some people I knew turned up.

I spent most the night talking to the intriguing and wonderful Sam, who I've not seen for a while except for randomly bumping into her in the Dev briefly when I was meeting Libby.

Also Rataxis' brother, Josh, was there. He's been turning up a load, recently. He's genuinely pleasant company. I hope he stays around! He brought two mundane friends, who seemed laid-back enough to cope with all the gothness, but still failed to paradigm-shift, and revealed their fundamentally untermensch character when one of them asked me "Hey, do you have any single female goth friends, because I keep falling flat...". Oh gawd. I said no.

I was DRUNK! Drunk drunk! Yay! A large bottle of baileys-esque stuff followed by six alcopops made me a pleasant medium-drunk.

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I was slightly more drunk tonight! I just got back from Slimelight, I left 2 hours early... now I'm drunk, and whilst not yet naked, am wearing merely an oversized t-shirt and some boxers.

Hey you've inspired me...

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