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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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(no subject)

Two factors... my housemates talking about sex for an hour (not unusual or rare...), and had a nice relaxed night out with a woman with whom I'm falling-in-trust with, have both conspired to make me feel under sexed!

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Editted this entry so everyone can see it except a loved ex-girlfriend

i wish everyone was as considerate as you. some people really don't think before they post things that it really hurts to read.

Hey thanks :-)

Was nice seeing you, if but briefly, on Sat!

Was I on that list? ;)


Well given my line of work I could give you some of the required special operations that would it a future possibility...

... that would make it a ...

Careful where you point that thing! It could go off in any second! You don't want to unload too quickly...


Don't worry I passed all my safety tests!

Yeah, you need to take lots of precautions these days. I trust you have the necessarily protection equipped and strapped on? Not too tight though...

(Deleted comment)
I'm not shy! I'm one of those old fools who doesn't enjoy sex unless I trust them and things are looking good all round relationship-wise... if I don't care about someone (and trust them!), sex is just a crap robotic gesture.

Vexen = straight edge traditionalist! (In some areas...)

Wow, I thought that was a dying breed, and I'd bagged myself the last one!!!! Good for you, it's nice to see that outlook is still alive. Here's hoping you find the time to let someone close enough (since you are such a busy boy!)

hey dear,

it's been a while, I hope you had a nice Christmas..I haven't been up to much, just being home alone and meeting new friends on chat and such, oh and relying on alcohol to de-stress and relax heh.

I would like to travel, but making a trip to London would seriously drains my unemployment benefits, my family will return not long after January so it would be nice just to be able to talk to my friends over the phone..but you never know what might happen..it would be nice to see you again~ ;)

oh yeah, would you tell me how do you edit your entries so a certain people can't read them?

I'm leaving on Sunday for another two months. It's always sweet to see you but we don't cross each others' paths frequently enough!

Custom security entry
You know how to do friends' lists? You can group several friends together and view /users/username/friends/friends list name/ and see a particular group of entries. It'd be useful for me to create "Communities" and group all the communities into one list so I can view them all on vexen/friends/vcommunities/ ...

Well for custom security you use these defined lists. When making an entry (I only use the website - not sure how it looks on a local client), there is a drop down box for security level, if you select "custom" it lets you select which sub-lists you want to be able to view the particular entry.

Easy, if you're used to setting up friends' lists!

I've got friends lists called things like "Everyone except brother & exes", "Goths!", "Furries!", etc.

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