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New Years' Revolution

I've realized...

Well, first of all I know I have many beautiful, intelligent, amazing and wonderful friends. I've realized that I haven't been grabbing these friends by the balls and pro-actively going out and having good times.

My last years' resolutions, although heartilly inspiring, were not entirely fulfilled, mostly because I've set into stone my new career which is massively more important, but in general I done good.

My single new years' resolution:

Become a model of pro-active energy
Carpe Diem!!

This means carpe diem baby! It means travelling to see my friends instead of leaving it to random events, which, however nice, are not frequent enough. It means making things happen more, instead of slowly seeping my talent into the world methodically and cautiously, I'm going to engage the world with a pro-active embrace, valuing my friends and loved ones as the heart of the Vexen empire; from which stems as always the roots of enlightenment, improvement, progressiveness and stability: Fuelled on love and the search for peace.

This is the end of the gradual-influence, Mr. Nice Guy Vexen, and my Year of Fire, of You Will Hear From Me, especially socially. The problem with Nice Guy Vexen is that you never really knew what I wanted... from now on, from yesterday, I'm immediate, direct, therefore stronger in new ways. Vexen Version Three is dead!

In some ways - personally, inside my life, introvertly, I AM pro-active and energetic... but, the Age of Fire is the age where the world changes and purges and old, traditional, stagnant, barriers break in order to form a world of change and no-messing-around, no chains-of-the-past.

Long live VV4!
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