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I back for the weekend... just had a highly stressful week... exertion piled on intense mental stuff, then, endurance jogging and long distance loaded jog/run/walk type stuff. Have done rock climbing, cycling, lots of orienteering/mapreading, weapons training, lots of gym agility and resistance training.

Have done lectures and tests on all forms of first aid, injury, survival in extreme cold/hot/mud/rain/humid/dry conditions, etc.

Out of the 50 people who have passed through our training group, a few have been sent to other less advanced groups, ten or so have quit and fucked off, a few have been sent home, and a few have been unrecoverably injured (i.e., a back injury that prevents them continuing this level of heavy work). Nearly all people have taken at least a few days off with injury... except me!

But don't get me wrong, I'm not particularly excellent, just doing fine. Others are fitter, others are better at looking after their kit, others are more energetic, others are friendly, entertaining charismatic natural leaders... I'm just a person who gets on with the task at hand.

I disappear again on Sunday, but now the training changes in tone and becomes more professional and a little less manic... (except I'm spending three days living in mud, again, which will be very busy and manic), so starting from end of next week hopefully on the weekends I'll be able to wander into local town and find internet cafe, etc, and have some personal life back!

Love ya' all.
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