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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Yesterday I had 3 new cds delivered from, by the best band in the entire world... Beyond. I know you've never heard of them... a Chinese rock/ballad band.

I got "(continue the) Revolution" and "Rock and Roll"... two of the best albums by the band (1992/1993 albums) that I only had on tape. Very nostalgic!

Third album was "Please remove your hands", but I didn't realize I had most the tracks on a different album! Sometimes it's confusing buying things in a different language! I think the previous album I got, called "Beyound" was a bootleg, I can't find any online info about it.

So I'm updating my Beyond page which much more information (have put album list, band chronology on so far) and am going to put an album-by-album track list, and lyrics and notation of which songs are repeated on which albums.

Their record labels keep churning out new compilations... trying to make more money instead of just selling their unique albums.

I have 10 CD's by Beyond... but they have over a hundred (including live ones and rare ones). The were very in-demand.

RIP Wong Ka Kui :-(

Online CD list of beyond albums I own:

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hey! i've been searching for where to buy "please remove your hands" online now and yesasia doesn't have them anymore... you happen to know any other places that would be selling it?

hey, it's amazing to see that you actually know and love Beyond! They're my favorite band too. It's a pity you don't understand their good as their music.

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