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Finishing first part of training

I've been notably offline for a number of months living in obscure places on training... many times in places so distant that there's not even a mobile phone signal at all... (what a dilemma in the modern world, eh?)

Well on Thursday I formally finish this very antisocial part of my training... I'm now somewhat fitter than I used to be and have basic weapons training, and many new skills completely unrelated to computers, programming, theology, philosophy and dancing.

Anyway, for about half a year from 2004 April 04 (Sunday), I will be living mostly in Dorset. On the plus side I will be online more, will be able to get out on weekends and get to London. I'll be doing specialist communications training in IT (a breeze for me!), some hacking (again a breeze, probably), satellite and radio construction, powering, installatioa and maintenance... random stuff...

And I can start doing sports again and get paid for it :-) Rugby and basketball...
Tags: army, army training, dorset
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