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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Finishing first part of training

I've been notably offline for a number of months living in obscure places on training... many times in places so distant that there's not even a mobile phone signal at all... (what a dilemma in the modern world, eh?)

Well on Thursday I formally finish this very antisocial part of my training... I'm now somewhat fitter than I used to be and have basic weapons training, and many new skills completely unrelated to computers, programming, theology, philosophy and dancing.

Anyway, for about half a year from 2004 April 04 (Sunday), I will be living mostly in Dorset. On the plus side I will be online more, will be able to get out on weekends and get to London. I'll be doing specialist communications training in IT (a breeze for me!), some hacking (again a breeze, probably), satellite and radio construction, powering, installatioa and maintenance... random stuff...

And I can start doing sports again and get paid for it :-) Rugby and basketball...

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Welcome back. Take it Wales went well?!

I've screened my other reply, can you still see it? (At least, did you get email response so you've read it?).

Wales went great!

I did indeed see it. It all sounds terribly exciting! Rather you than me.
I am off upto the middle of no-where in Lincolnshire (Swinderby) on Monday for 4 days of IT training.

I lived in Lincoln City for about six years a long time ago... don't recall where Swinderby is though!

How come (the company is sending) you going that far?

Swinderby is in the middle of no-where being sent there as thats where our IT support people are based (please gods they don't try and move me there permanently) as I don't drive I am going to see the hotel and the office. At least all my food and accommodation will be paid for by the company!

That's good then. Can you make it up to London for the tenth then?
Not only is it my birthday but the opening of a new club.
If you remeber Tal and Fury It's also Tals birthday a day or so before so it's a big party and should be a very good night. (Kipping over space here if you need it).

Well I'm probably completely free from 2004 Apr 07 (Wed) to 2004 Apr 13 (Tue), so I'll definately be around! What's the club? I'm so out of touch!

LOCATION:The London stone (Eerie pub) 109 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 5AD
four mins walk from bank station, two mins away from moorgate.
DATE:Every sat from Easter Saturday,10th of april, onwards.
DRESS CODE:Goth,metal,industrial,alternative,no street clothes
DJ'S:Sexbat,Darren Angel,CJ,Deathboy,Kilinrax + guests
MAP: http://www.eeriepubco.com/london_stone/map.gif
WEB ADDRESS:www.preachingtotheconverted.com/pacified.htm

Although Preacher's still not got the web page up.

Every Saturday EXCEPT the 24th July as myself and wildeabandon have booked the Stone out on that date for a birthday party!!

(Deleted comment)
I'm jealous of your client too! I've not been to London much recently... my home... I miss it.

Dorset? probably Blandford, if it's what I think it is. Intriguingly I've got a nice little [sadly decommissioned] nuclear reactor just down the road at Winfrith....

My first response is now screened, you got to read it in email I hope?

Not yet - try postmaster (at) canismajor.demon.co.uk for reliable access...

Yay! It'll be great to see you :o)

Does this mean I get more regular cuddles? :)

Yes it does, evidently :-)

Do you use Yahoo! messanger? I'm going to see if I can use it (first time!), my account name is vexenuk.geo (spot the OLD account!)

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