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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Oh my God, I am spending a whole week getting a certificate, "European Computer Driving License", it's the most basic, simplistic moronically stupid qualification I've ever seen the specs for... it's your basic "This is a computer, it has memory RAM and ROM... this is how you search for files, this is how you sort files..."

It hurts.

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can't you just turn up on the last day and do the test?

No it's really stupid, can't do that, they're letting us do a module per day.

well simple and easy to get

Yeah, but more like an embarrasment, like a GNVQ... it's like a Master Mason getting a run-down on how to use a tool kit...

(Deleted comment)
If "a laugh" means "feeling your brain crawl out of your ears to try and get away and do something more interesting, perhaps in the buildings' sewerage system", then yeah, it's a great laugh.

But will you be allowed to take the computer for a spin on the motorway?

Motorways are terribly complex, I don't think this qualification really goes much further than starting the engine, and however exciting that is, it doesn't really get anyone anywhere!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah :-(

The physical stuff here is not enforced either, so I'm doing basketball and will start other stuff too. Will be doing long distance treadmill stuff with a friend too.

Job interview.

"Now, we specified in the advert that aplicants were to have the ECDL qualification, but we can't see that on your CV. Do you have it?"

"I wrote 500,000 lines of code for Linux, most of QNX and ran my own software company for 3 years."

"But do you have an ECDL?"

"Well, no.."

"Well, you have to understand we are a respectable company, and as such we cannot have staff using our computers without the right licenses."

"But the ECDL isn't.."

"Please, we have no interest in employing someone who drives a computer without a license. Please leave. You can reapply if you ever manage to earn one. Next applicant please. Good afternoon sir, now let's look over your resumé.. crayon, very creative choice."

"I press Da butt-ons!"

Probably going to get this thing at sometime, in seriousness. It'd be boring, but saomething more for the CV.

BTW, found your comment on Amazon for VNV Nation. They seem really cool from what I've caught on Rantradio. I trust your judgement sir!

*lol* Funny :-)

The qualification is cheap cost wise, but more of an embarrassment than an asset for a CV! Get a better one, you definately can and should!

I think you'll love VNV Nation - try their middle albums (Empires, etc) rather than their dodgy synth-pop new albums (Like FuturePerfect), their new stuff is flaky (but still amazing!). Empires is an all-time classic.

Well, I can't access my links now, because my computer has finally bitten the dust today, but there was one particular track I liked. I caught the live version on Rant TV. I could hum it for you. I think it was "Legion". In fact, I'm pretty sure it was.

And thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm hoping to do some good self education once my new setup is bought, assembled and running.

(Deleted comment)

Re: so that is what driving a computer means

The stereotype is indeed that British do indeed treat Canadians well, but dislike USA Americans. Personally, I really don't care where people come from and am not negatively prejudiced...

But I do love American and Canadian accents... partially 'cos I had an American girlfriend for two years so learnt to love the accent :p

Does Ontario have a distinctive accent then?

(Deleted comment)

Re: From an Ontarian --- the Canadian Accent

I'm online a bit more because whilst doing this course I can go online after finishing assessments and before the next one.

Re: so that is what driving a computer means

I've got a Torontonian accent, and Toronto is in Ontario, if that helps.

Though I get the distinct feeling that my accent has softened over my years in the UK.

Re: so that is what driving a computer means

OK, that's a nice handle on the accent. Cheers :-)

Code your own *nix kernel on the side. For fun. :)

When they asked for examples of text editors and OS's, I kept name-dropping as many non-Windows products as possible just to throw a spanner into his painfully narrow lessons.

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