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Spent an agonizing WEEK trying to pick up mail. The post room is only open from 10-11am during weekdays at the moment "due to staff shortages". Meaning that most days there is simply no fucking way to get even close to the right building due to doing stuff on other areas of my work location.

Yesterday I did make it, and joined the queue at 10:30 or so, having to leave at 10:50... at which time I was still only half way through the queue! Which was very irritating.

A precious girl wrote me about a week ago so I've been trying to pick it up...

Anyway, got there today and they told me that I got no mail :-(

Which means they only keep mail for a short period (a week? I'm sure they're not that shit...), or that it'll bounce back to her at some point... god knows...

I got to text her AGAIN today for the fourth day running and say that I haven't been able to read her letter :-( AND that I don't even know if I ever will!

This is Vexen, pissed off!
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