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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Van hire?

I want to move ALL my stuff, if possible, from my house to my accomodation at work, and move out of my London house. This'll save me quite a lot of money.

Option 1: Storage with a company who pick up my stuff with a van. Easy, but will still be paying monthly storage fees *and* not have access to some stuff.

Option 2: Move all my stuff. Means I need a van, and a driver, to go from London to Dorset.

Can anyone help with the van or driver part? Needs to be ASAP, within 3/4 weeks.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
i might be able to help with the driver bit, if you could arrange a van and someone to keep me company?, also depends when, i'm in birmingham on the 21-23rd may

It's all sorted, my Dad is helping hiring van and driving!

Thank you kindly for offering though, friend.

tis oko..tee hee you haven't seen my dirving ;)

I never have! I can't imagine such a fragile girl driving a van :p

hey!! i drove one when collecting my stuff...scared M in the process too ;)

You should be able to hire an Escort-sized van for the weekend for something around 30-40 quid. Plus petrol. Always assuming you've got an endorsement-free driving licence and are over-21 that is. Most hire-companies have maliciously-inflated rates - or refuse to hire at all - to people-with-endorsements or under-21s.

Some places will do a one-way hire.

Alternatively, find someone whose car has a towbar and hire a trailer. I'd offer to do it myself for you for the cost of fuel, but my Land Rover only does 18MPG when towing and so it'd probably work out cheaper for you to hire a van outright.

I'm 24 and have an aussie license with no endorsements. I've had no trouble renting vans to move around London before. I'd be up for driving you to Dorset and back on the provisio that I get to drop by my grand-parent's place for a few hours to say hi to them. (They live in Chideock).


Near death one does not need to know the answer to questions. In life we think we know them. You are in this life, as I am. Love is a word and the feeling goes far beyond your or my words of expression. It is not meant to be understood and I think you know that.

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