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I'm moving out of London, very likely, this bank holiday weekend. I'm moving all of my stuff to my work premises in Dorset. I knew a while ago when I chose this career that I'd be giving up London, I've gone through the mourning process... leaving my spiritual home, for a life in the rest of the world!

It was organized a little quickly, the main aim is to save myself a ton of money... with which I'll actually be able to afford to come out and play in London :-) I'm not really online at the moment yet, not sure if I will be for a while. Don't know if BT will extend their services to this neck of the literal woods, and can't build a receiver myself. Yet. Am undergoing training to do that very type of thing though :-)

A big thanks for those who have helped me get where I am. I'm going to keep in touch with as many people as possible and have reverted to writing snail mail!
Tags: dorset, london
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