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Hi all, haven't updated for a while on account of being busy. The last two weekends I've been staying with a close friend... and on that note...

For those that don't know, I've got a wonderful girlfriend :-) We done the inevitable over a month ago and decided to call ourselves girlfriend/boyfriend... and hey I don't take these things lightly, so it was a meaningful step.

Most of you won't know who she is, and those that do please refrain from giving it away online, this relationship is a nice, slow, private, loving one and most the details are not anyone's business!

We got to play on an Army assault course! It was long, very difficult, harder and much more exciting that the one in Staffordshire, and had lots of very high platforms in it! It was really cool, and one of the guys said I was a ninja on it :-) ... *squirrel* *squirrel*

They have hinted that they might be installing broadband in the accomodation blocks here.

Oh yeah, I've completely moved out of London and am living in Dorset now, at work premises. All my belongings, books, computer, CDs, etc, are here. My patient and accomodating girlfriend puts up with me in London when I'm out on weekends... failing that I stay here or can come visit friends as long as they'll put me up!

I miss you all, was nice to bump in to a few people this weekend, but didn't actively meet anyone on account of knowing I'd be distracted/busy/
Tags: assualt course, dorset, fitness, london, sam, work
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