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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

(no subject)

Have I mentioned that the work premises here has an airfield and guards armed with fully automatic weapons? It's cool :-)

In other news... got some 100%'s on tests, came 4th in a 2-course individual effort run (out of 26ish people).

Bad news: Still largely offline.

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I just miss-read that as Fluffy Automatic weapons.
I won't mention it to Camrath he'll only want to know where he can get one.

well done that on the testt, wish I could do the same

*hug hug hug*

Clever little Satanist, ain't ya? :)

Take care



errm....Hi. I just visited your site and i wanted to know if I could practice satanism....I'm 17 by the by. I heard it was mostly practiced by adults. And why do other religions seem to dedicate themselves to bashing stuff like Pagan and anything that's not like theirs...I mean Christianity had a history of Pagan beliefs but most followers view Pagan as a form of Satanism. Yeah that's about it....ooh wait! *runs up hugs and gives cookie* good job on your tests n stuff! =^.^=

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