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Kick ass Vexen!

The "COs Run" is an event where the entire staff and students of my work location go for a 4-mile run, including the big boss of the premises. It's more like a 4 and a half mile run. Anyway, 800-1000 people run it. I came in with a time of 29 minutes, in position 95th. Woo! That's quite a respectable run time per mile over four miles!

I got 100% on a practical electronics test involving construction, debugging and measurements of various AC circuits. Two or three others on my course got 100%, two or three failed the test.

We then done the main, bulky theory test on Thursday. I got top marks in the class, with 85%, the next highest was a lad with 75%.

Overall, for the second part of my training, which we've all just completed (excepting four who failed and need to resit, or be put back a month), I got best student! *beams*

I'm busy this weekend so wont be around London... got a public relations event tomorrow.
Tags: army training, fitness, running
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