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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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A new page about marriage, engagement, their suitability for different types of relationship, about religion and gay marriage.

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Nationwide legalization

My country, Canada, has just legalized nationwide sam-sex marriage, YaY!

Anyways, though this may interest you to know. Also, we don't call our different segments/territories "states",we call them "Provinces" and "Territories".
Just thought you'd be intereste din that.


In reason:
Bill Baker

Re: Nationwide legalization

Good stuff.

OK, I've called them "provinces" now, and have also updated the gay marriage text in general with newer information.

marriage rights listing 'error'

In the marriage rights listing section you state 'Finland 2002 - Similar rights for gay marriage and normal marriage.' I presume that 'normal' refers to heterosexual marriage. Does this mean that you believe gay marriages are abnormal?

Gay "Unions" legal in Argentina

You are missing Argentina on your list. They are called "civil unions" instead of marriages order to keep the catholic church happy, but carry the same rights/obligations. (although none have yet tried to adopt a kid as a couple ... that will be an interesting one when it happens) Gay couples sometimes get around the adoption thing by claiming to be single parents that adopt!

Especially interesting is that local jurisprudence has allowed unwed gay couples the same rights to state pensions and all other benefits including inheritance, as married couples for many years (since the mid '60s if my memory doesnt trick me!). This is based on a strong jurisprudence that sought to defend female partners in unwed heterosexual couples and was also applied to unwed homosexual partners.

critics of the divorce statistics

I noticed that, for some strange reason, one particular critic of the Barna divorce statistics separated blacks from the general population. And also that he was a non-objective Christian himself. I post this to bring critics to an awareness of what science should be. As objective as possible! Why separate a certain racial category from the rest of us? Although it is impossible to be completely objective, atheism isn't simply "religion bashing".

a question

Hello Vexen,
I was told once in a psych ward that religious ideas "improve" the patient's capability to get well. What are your thoughts on this? Is there evidence to support otherwise? Where would I find it?

Your article

Sorry, it's really hard to take your article with seriousness in the slightest, because it's so biased and hate-mongering.

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