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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Untermensch

A quite pretentious and drastic dividing of people into "untermensch" and "ubermensch", the superior and inferior.

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What you've said can be looked at from a different perspective.

"...they are closed-up, limited, the slave-class, the workers and dull majority of organized society."

You can say this about anyone who is employed for no other reasons than they believe they "have to" be or they have no other basis for self-esteem. I apply the term "involuntary servitude" to anyone in the workforce who does not wish to be there - and yes, I see them as the majority.

"Most disabled *are* disabled and therefore cannot be elite, but, also many also display aggressive, individual, strong and deceptively intelligent traits that would be quite appropriate for a Satanist."

Deceptively intelligent...hmmm...maybe these to whom you refer are elite, but they don't fit your definition of the label. Maybe they make their own definitions and defy any label. You might call that Satanic.

"There are Satanists who are stupid at all sorts of things. For example, there are Satanists who are stupid with computers or stupid when it comes to money management. Big wow, Satanists *are* people..."

As we and "they" all are. This is why this piece you've written seems apart from your usual writings. I personally find rampant stupidity in handling money to be particularly offensive to my own standards and values. That's just my thing, and we all have our own values, or should. We all have our strengths or weaknesses, and to say that something is better or worse than the other is personal taste. People who take the label "Satanist" are no different than any other group with a label; there are idiots and clever ones of every variety!

"There is no solution to the existence of inferior people...The disabled who try hard, just like any other person who tries hard and therefore succeeds, are as worthy as any other person. Those who do not try, however, are the lowest untermensch, parasites on society."

"Inferior people" is such a harsh term, so lacking in compassion. This is so judgemental, when you who are doing the judging are equally human. It's not too often that I judge another as to be not trying hard enough to be worthy. And as far as parasites, I think, at least here in California USA, that the government is parasitic upon its people.

I was talking with a friend recently about the fact that she does not want to be employed, because she has higher aspirations than wasting her life side by side with intellectual inferiors - and in particular, an inferior in a higher position in the company. My immediate thought was that there is no superiority or inferiority in that scenario, as the fact that both are employed rather than living according to their true will makes them entirely equal. Any notion of superiority or inferiority among slaves is social illusion.

I have a love-hate relationship with people who make good points when they're being critical... things are always easier when criticism is wrong!

"maybe these to whom you refer are elite, but they don't fit your definition of the label"

That's the point of what I was writing... warning those like me not to dismiss classes of people who, if you judge too shallowly and rapidly, you'd misjudge.

You wrote:

"I believe that there will always be the untermensch, the inferior Human beings, and that they will be numerically superior. As such, I believe it is more important for the elite, and whoever includes himself amongst them, to be publicly humble.

This means, learning how to deal with people. This is harder than becoming bitter and hateful. It is harder, and more rewarding, to be able to mingle, fit in and be calm within society."

A rather Taoistic and practical approach, I must say. It's way too easy to be hateful and nasty, much harder to be humble and invisible. But that is what the Superior Wo/Man (Sage) should always strive for. Works for me!

Birthy Hapday! Virgoids Rule!



After being very unfortunate in finding this obscene web page whilst searching for research on intellectual disabilities I felt I had to post my views in an attempt to bring you so called "satanists" back down to earth.
You call the untermensch "stupid", e.g. because they're gullible or media-orientated. However, you contradict this fact by saying some satanists have money management problems...."we *are* people". ??????? well, so are we!! Make up your mind, are you perfect or not? I feel quite sorry for you in the fact that you're so wrapped up in perfectionism. You're in a little world of your own looking down on the inferior race and judging people, when the fact of the matter is it's not reality! In fact, I'll go against my personal ethics and judge you too - I think you wrote all that shit because you are the one thats insecure, probably weren't happy the way you were brought up, definitly have a few screws loose yourself and come out with the most stupid shit ever! you may be able to string a sentence together but it's crap. You're lack of understanding and ignorance is cronic. I hope your children have a disability so that you can step into the real world instead of preaching this old fashioned Hitler attitude. Then again, you don't deserve children. It wouldn't be fair for them to develop a pre-school mental illness, because that's what your attitude would create.
I didn't realise this attitude existed today, however, you are a minority group so, hopefully, you'll be wiped out for good.

You asked: "are you perfect or not? I feel quite sorry for you in the fact that you're so wrapped up in perfectionism."

It is common sense and School of Satanism 101 that EVERYONE IS IMPERFECT. There is no such thing as a perfect person.

However, of all the billions of humans, some can be clearly classed as untermensch most the time, some can sometimes be called ubermensch. My text helps differentiate between the two.

Disabilities do not remove a persons' humanity: This is something that every parent knows deeply and unswervingly, and so do I.

uh sure.You wouldn't last more than a week with out some form of social structure! Yes you see this is true it is written right here. Your mental masterbation has yet to affect a complete transformation of your thought processes.Valae!

Vexen, sunfell, and you anonymous ("bullshit") - you all are right. Be all - ubermensch, untermensch and the most important be MENSCH. Who is the MAN...? Good luck.


Wow! Quite a few people missing the point of your arguments here. I get what you're on about...
My thing is, how do I deal with the untermensch who recognise me as an elite and attack me for it? I've been brought up among them but have been progressively risding beyong my background since childhood. Problem is the attacks, which have been since childhood from family, friends and strangers, have gotten worse and I now find myself in my 30s out of work due to being 'bullied' yet again a few years ago. I spent my entire 20s redirecting my career because of workplace bullies. Three times it happened....
I can cope fine with overt attacks -someone being rude to my face for example. But it's the underhanded backstabbing gossiping 'female relational aggression' type attacks that are extremely hard to deal with. I'm in the process of setting up my own business and have become professionally qualified in another field since my last bully job but am finding myself cautious about using the qualification in case I am atttacked again.
I'm not an arrogant person, I'm sociable, get on well with people generally and with those who are very different to me I try to find common ground to be able to get on. Yet it only takes one person in a social group (usually a woman, sad to say) to resent me for being smart, popular with colleagues/boss, reasonably attracrtive and before I know it they've managed to press the insecurity buttons of the surrounding untermensch enough to turn them on me. In my experience male colleagues have only attacked me when there has been a woman behind them. Frequently the male has showed a soft spot for me and female relational aggressors hate that because it takes all the attention away from them!
My experience can't be that uncommon and I'd appreciate your views on this. I've done the whole 'I'm the common denominator' thing and it aint me lol! Just that the untermensch system we have inevitably drives them to resent the elite, especially those elite they see rising above them despite being from the same background. They're as easily led by a sociopathic bully as they are by the media y'know? Ah, you know....!
Peace ;)

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