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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Back home!

I'm in London for a week as of Friday!

Yay, rar!

Have got a fair few things and am spending time with my girlfriend, but hopefully will get to catch up with people and get some proper shopping done!

Got a week off as I've completed a major part of training. Basically, electronical engineering theory and practicals is done, along with computers & networking and stuff like that, and next few months I'll be playing with lots and lots of exclusive kit, breaking it and fixing it, yay!

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Have fun, I wanna go to London.

Where in the world are you? London is great!

http://www.dpjs.co.uk/london.html !

Heh, South Jersey, but one day I'll travel, I swear.

Jersey as in the Channel Islands? I've got a friend there, he'll be back home all week before returning to work with me next Monday.

Oh, Jersey as In New Jersey. It sucks.

Where's that? USA? I've only been to a few places in the USA, my knowledge of it's places is limited!

Hmm...it's on the East Coast, near Delaware, New York, Philadelphia.

(Deleted comment)

It's great. Hardwork, but rewarding.

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i know he is terrible isn't he ;p

(Deleted comment)
I'm sorry! I miss waffling with you! But I WILL be back online, when circumstances dictate!

Yeah, sure, I want to. Will be around all week, will be at Sluts meet. Presently I'm sat in a cyber cafe in Camden, Sam is studying with her friends for a few hours. If you're free, there's no time like the present!

*looks back at message clock* erm was at Prom in the Park when you sent this

i'm unlikely to be at the sluts meet, tend to tuck myself up early these days

In which case can I recomend B-movie on friday night and Last night of the proms in Hyde Park on Saturday

Damn, missed Saturday, and was too tired anyway! I definately deserved to spend most of the afternoon and evening in bed!

Want to come out Thurs evening to Sluts meet?

That looks possible as long as I'm not out to late (Have a train to catch the next day).
Where is it?

Don't know where it is yet, I'm not on the Sluts list, will text people on the day and find out then let you know! Or if they've been poor and haven't organized anything, we can meet in the Dev or somewhere on Thurs evening anyway.

I will see you. Oh yes.

Heh, I ship out of here to darkest Staffordshire on Friday for a wedding, but I'm back on Monday if you want to meet up. You've got my number.

ok, how about Thursday evening, in a pub?

Sounds good, though I just got back from a weekend wedding to discover my bank account has been punched in the knackers about a million times, so it might have to be tap-water! ;)

No problem! Will let you know where we're meeting on the day! (Because we're not sure!)

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