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I was rumaging through some drawers the other day... and found a collection of Orange and BT bills dating back a cool three years! Wow! It DID enable me to make a chart of my Orange Text Message usage and Call Times across 6 months. Cool. Geek. I then threw them all away.

I've been doing boxing training. So far it's just basic fitness (no skills) in order to find out who really wants to do it. As such, the training sessions are three times a week, at 5am and 6am. Which means up, dressed, watered & shaved by then. Very early. Have been doing runs and outdoor training. I do very well. After some running we done situps, pressups and squat thrusts. I done 85 squat thrusts in 2 minutes, the highest out of everyone there! That's my best achievement... in other areas, I'm just a good runner. I doubt I'll be a good boxer... but the training is good.

This weekend I am going to Salisbury plain to a training village for a fun weekend of urban assualt courses, climbing through sewers, being taught how to make and throw molotov cocktails and clear a house with grenades and rifles, military style. Fun fun fun... all paid for by my work! On the downside it's also been described as physically demanding (which sounds like hard work, ick!), and as a sleep deprivation exercise. Hmmm.

I will have news, soon, about where I will be spending the next four years! Although IN that four years I will be going on extended periods abroad, doing my actual work rather than just training and doing repair work.

I've spent this week fixing VERY OLD telegraph machines. They're like a combination typewriter and morse code device. Very old, very stubborn and clunky. But very satisfying! Based on old 8080 processors, circa 1985!
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