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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

9 miles!

Ran 9 miles for charity. Done it in 1 hour 10 mins, 70 mins, which is basically 9 seven-minute miles. Woo.

Also, I am moving abroad in late Jan, early Feb, for three years. Alas!

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Blimey! Three years is a long time!

I know! I miss London and everyone enough already, and I'm only in Dorset!

Well done!

Three years concurrently or on-and-off?

Concurrent, although I will be back monthly (for weekends, or the occasional week) for much of it.

Oh phew!

I got your letter and I nearly had a heart attack when I got to the "oh and I'm moving abroad for three years" bit. *snuggles you and demands to be kept updated on your comings and goings* Otherwise, who is going to come with me to silly occult action movies? :D

Sounds like you'll have an interesting job while there, and I always figure spending a long time away doing something interesting is far better than spending a short time here doing something dull.

I'll still miss you though. *sniffles and stocks up on more European stamps*

*big snuggles*

I'll always be around and never far away from anyone or anything

Is this a posting abroad with work then? You could get sent somewhere really interesting...When I was but a nipper and cable and wireless still operated in a traditional british empire manner our family ended up going to lots of countries as my father was 'posted' out for longer periods for work. It's a pity I can't remember more of Singapore.

Yeah it's with work. Sounds like I'm doing similar stuff... except a lot of the comms I'll be doing is mobile, entire trunk networks on the back of lorries and stuff like that. Exciting, fast, difficult... and I also get to weld, fix, rewire and maintain all the electrics!

Sounds challenging in a good way. Hopefully the next time i'm down south i'll be around London when your about, as it'd be nice to meet up for a coffee/beer?

(Deleted comment)
I've alluded to it previously on my journal but I don't like talking much about work... that's why I always end up talking about pseudo-work social events and fitness things! Interspersed with my occasional links to theology & sociology etc.

Don't forgetr to come visit.

It'd be a wonderful experience.

But we'll miss you and that'll suck :/

Oh! I started going to Slimelight again! I love it!!! You must come along one weekend ...

Rar! Yay Slimelight, somewhat of a spiritual home of mine...

Well whenever I'm away I'm always on my way back!

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