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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015




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Spelling English versus American

I am one American who has never and will never spell the word through in what you refer to as American spelling of "thru" as that particular spelling is indeed immature, lazy, and incorrect.

Re: Spelling English versus American

Do you hold the copyright on the English language? All language is in a continual state of flux, which is why, for instance, we are not communicating in Elizabethan English these days or that of Chaucer's day - "Whanne that April with his shoures sote. The droughte of March hath perced to the rote." To say that to write "through" as "thru" is lazy, immature and incorrect is to take exception arbitrarily...as if God himself had it written on a tablet of stone. So get on your high horse and cite testimonials, such as a dictionary, as to the "correct" spelling in defense of your myopic, exclusive, egotistical snobbery. Rather than have us communicate creatively, you would call us names.

Great site...I am a atheist insofar as I lack belief in supernatural deities. I am not a theist; although some would tell me that my atheism is to say that there is no God, but me thinks that they misunderstand that "a" equals "not" and "theist" equals one who believes in God(s), thus I am one who lacks believe in God(s).

I definitely don't believe in Thor or Loki, or Zoraster, or Venus, or El Shaddai, or ...So, I am an atheist at least in part. The God I hope to know, is a God that I can know and not believe in, but in the meantime, it seems highly unlikely although I haven't ruled it out.

Re: Spelling English versus American

Do you have any new information? It's been a while

American Girl says WTF?

"Thru" isn't correct here either, unless you're going through a "Drive-Thru" at a fast food restaurant or liquor store (in some places). In normal documents and literature it isn't grammatically correct.

Re: American Girl says WTF?


I haven't looked at that bit of text for six years... I will actually remove that (boring) odd paragraph, nobody learns anything from reading it! Unfortunately though I'm not on my own machine for a month, so I can't edit any websites for a while.

Re: American Girl says WTF?

In a America we do not celebrate the murder of thousands and then have the nerve to call us evil. Those who attack us and those who support them will be destroyed or we will die trying. And if they hate us for it then so be it. God Bless "The Long Twilight Struggle"

We do not take orders that leave us defenseless just because someone cries foul.

An invasion of Japan would have cost millions of lives instead of thousands.

The UN vs US: The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to Vote

I found your site doing some research for a young friend of mine who has a basic disbelief in any organised religion! Yet he searches for A God! As one who has searched for answers most of my life ( I am 44) I found your site informative and open......... It makes you question! that is what people should do... they should not accept anything just because it is written down, or because someone tells them it is so! Mankind through the millenia seeks to fill a void which cannot be filled without some sort of divine being, they need to have some dedication to something higher than themselves and that in itself is understandable. We all need to know where we come from and why we are here and what is our future. Questions which mankind will never have fully and satisfactorily answered. Meanwhile acceptance of the written word or tradition is wrong when it makes us stop questioning and learning! Jayc

vexen is going to hell

vexen is going to hell? i thought the site was pretty strange, i dont agree with everything on it, but do u think that god is an avenging madman, threatening to throw us into hell if we put a toe out of line, or is god the power responsible for our existence?

vexen isn;t going to hell

God accepts idiot too.


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Why use an invert cross?
I even found an article on your site that invert crosses are a Christian tradition going back to Petrus so you know it doesn't belong here...

You are referring to this page: The Symbolism of Satanism which has a section on the inverted cross.

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