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Two new photos!

Click for full versions. Two new photos! There haven't been new photos of me for over a year, I know.

I've been offline for three weeks. I've had two "working weekends", meaning weekends where I've been at work. It's compulsory, just the way it goes sometimes. Now my routine is back to normal. I'm learning to drive. I'm doing my theory tests tomorrow. The theory is very easy. Will be doing lessons & tests in early/middle January.

I will be around over Christmas for over a week, got quite a few things on though. Will have a significant period of time off late January/Feburary. My work is like that... lots of hardwork, then lots of time off.

Love you all, enjoy the solstice & yule, you all do whatever you do at this time of year!

Oh, lots of new web pages launched:
Inculding a large site all about the UK!
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