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June 16 2006, 22:38:00 UTC 14 years ago

Your site is excellent!! I hope those who seek will find this cornucopia of knowledge you have compiled. It took many years of reading books and living life to come up with the tenents I now live my life by, of course this was before the internet so I had to do what I had to do


August 15 2006, 20:40:35 UTC 14 years ago

Hi from Portugal.
I think this is the best site adressing satanism with theologycal, historical perspective and revealing a great deal of unbiased scientific approach leading to the reflexions on it.
I'll continue to explore the site and will be a regular.

I'm quite familiar with existentialism as I study philosophy in University. The movement came out of a sociological need to understand and appreciate the dignity of the human individual. While I'll say that is a vital aspect to the reality of the human person one must not cling to his/her own individuality, as there is more to the human person than desire...and thank goodness, otherwise life would be pretty stupid.

We have mouths, and brains that allow us to speak. Our body language is hard-wired into our being, and sex, itself is meant to be shared between two people. It seems that biologically and materially, our bodies are made for the sake of communication...which by its very nature is not individualistic; "commun". So if you reject community, or anti-individualism than you must never speak or talk to anyone...I think thats a bit silly, but is a consequence of such extremist views of the individual.
As human beings we have purpose, and it would be otherwise imposible to move and act without that purpose, or FINAL CAUSE, as philosophers describe it. My confusion is that you have ignored all this, and placed purpose in the hands of the "individual will" which is to do and act as one wants for the sake of his/her personal happiness.
I have no problem with a person seeking happiness, infact I think all human beings share that innate desire for happiness (universally), my only problem is, if one seeks happiness, he/she should know what TRUELY makes them happy, yet passions, and emotions change, while our person-hood and individuality does not change. That fixed individuality needs to be descovered, not invented by passion and emotion/desire. For example, a person who "cuts" inflicts pain on his/herself, yet in doing so, is seeking happiness...yet that is so twisted, so it can be that a person can follow his/her passions for the sake of happiness but head in a wrong direction. Some people desire to kill themselves to flee from pain and sorrow, but we know this is irrational and would not bring real happiness.

Also, as human beings we have relationships, but I suppose a materialist would reject the notion of relationship, as it is not manifested physically, beyond a mental state. But I really believe that one who believes that relationships between girl-friend and boy-friend doesn't exist is just lying to him/herself for the sake of justification to act for as you would put it "selfish" (which you see as GOOD), purposes.

I think therefore, that because our individuality and our social beings need to be balanced and not taken to extremes. I'd challenge you who are hurting or have been betrayed, or damaged to think this over. Because that is the only way healing will ever happen. If you blanket yourself with rationalizations you will only imprission unresolved issues within the depths of your being.

This also means, that everyone who feels rejected and betrayed, should not ever been treated like that, as every human being is designed for one purpose or another, and would not exist if he/she was not meant to exist. So, know that you are good, don't throw it away by living in yourself....Try to share yourself with others in friendship and relationship...

Peace - Christophski
You can e-mail me at



August 29 2006, 05:36:14 UTC 14 years ago

Okay people do not jump down my throat.
My question is, do Satanists ever steal the Eucharist from churches at mass...I've heard that this happens and frankly if its true, I think its quite intolerant of other faiths and belief systems...
But if its not true, I'll be happy.
I'd love to inform you that some satanists do a lot more than just steal things from churches. In Germany, there was a case where a bunch of satanists killed a bunch of small children and ate their remains in a satanic ritual.
It is true they did and do steal things, such as the Eucharist from churches, a lot more than just stealing.
Why the hell do you want to worship an evil entity who hates mankind and thinks of us as nothing more than a bunch of foolish idiots who are stupid and gullible enough to follow him??
His only interest is to drag us to hell with him and that's the absolute truth.
I was once a Pagan witch who didn't follow God and like you, I was lost.
But not anymore.
I would rather live a life with God and Christ, rather not live a life without them.
I sure as hell refuse to worship in entity whose only interest is to kill me and the rest of mankind spiritually. Look at Vexen Crabtree, Satan has him so fooled that he has him murdering souls by teaching satanists to give their souls to satan. Vexen Crabtree is one of Satan's slaves and the sick thing is, Vexen Crabtree actually enjoys being a bitch for satan.
I mean, think about it for a minute, even if you're not interested.
Satan is going to burn in hell because he is the epitome of evil and the bible is the true word, as it predicted the fall of the two tall brothes, aka the two towers in New York, thousands of years before it happened, so therefore everything that bible says about Satan is absolutely true.
Well, I know the truth is not something you want to hear, but I decided to tell you because you asked a question about Satanist do, and so I answered but not in the way you were expecting.
So now that you have the truth, it's up to you of what you want to do with it.
Hi, i bet your damn sick of these type of entries, but HELL, i thought i would give you the congratulations you deserve for creating such a site! You have certainly explicated the finer points of Satanism for those who are ignorant in the subject of the only non-spiritual religion...well done and i applaud your "good" work, and long may it continue!

Ave satanas!

LOL....I find most satanists as dumb as the rest of churchianity. They going against thier own creed of the satanic bible, one must be intelligent. If one is hailing satan (which is a hebrew word meaning adversary, and if one is hailing the adversary, it so happens one is supporting the roman catholic church and those spawned by it while also hailing the future revival of the roman empire.) Study your history, language included. Lucifer, on the other hand, is a latin word used to translate the hebrew word 'heylel' which means 'shining one' in english and is used in referance to the king of tyre in babylon. The mark is not '666'. The number refers to the latin words 'vicar of christ' on the popes hat which adds up to 666 in the latin. The mark is the cross. When one faces it (such as in a church), it reflects upon ones own forehead, it is also used in the right hands of those who pray. The cross is not a holy symbol, but rather a symbol of death used by the romans for execution. The image of the beast happens to be the pope for now until the evil ruler takes his seat and the seat of Rome in the revived Roman Empire. Think it don't exist? think again. you all are brainwashed. LaVey is rolling around in hell (which is the grave, sheol 'hebrew' / hades 'greek')



October 26 2006, 10:10:53 UTC 13 years ago

I wanna e-mail with those true belivers that satan does exist as a creature.
Henrik Holmlund.
34 years.
I've enjoyed reading your exposition on Satanism. As a Satanist myself, I'm always pleased to see another intelligent perspective on the work of gods and men. I'm also amazed to see some of the comments left in this guestbook! Some unexpected, some rather incongruous, yet others just plain bizarre! What a strange world we live in. Anyway, keep up the good work. There is plenty more for us to do.

Your affectionate uncle,
Haha, cleverest comment in this entire entry.


saturnalia verbose, im a new brother of the single star. are u my friend
On your satanism site it says satanism is more like Buddhism than Christianity...but Buddhism and Christianity both say to forgive and love your enemies, practice compassion, help the poor, and be kind to all living things etc.
Satanism is clearly against ALL of that so in what way is it like Buddhism? I think its the complete opposite of both religions since satanists dont believe in altruism and thats what Buddhism and Christianity are all about...
The foremost evolutionary biologist, Prof. Richard Dawkins (2006) correctly states that seemingly altruistic behaviour is part of all of our genetic make-up; and that holds for both Satanists and non-Satanists. A full discussion of altruism and its causes (by Vexen Crabtree) will explain many of the concepts around the idea of 'altruism'.

Apart from that, you will find that the metaphysics and philosophy of Satanism is closer to Buddhisn than Christianity. The ethics and moral reasoning of Satanism, however, is not the same as either, in this you are correct. But they're not opposites. Satanism emplores its adherents to love, care for, and indulge in the niceties of good relations with other people, all for the sake of having normal mental health, etc, so you're wrong when you say Satanism is an /opposite/ to Christian and Buddhist community values.
My name is Mark and I am currently studying Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport. I am doing a project on religious practices in the UK and feel that Satanism would make an interesting subject.

I would very much like to know if there are there any communities, individuals or organisations that I might be able to get in contact with to discuss my project proposal and potentially use for my project? My intentions are not to demonise the religion in any way, but to merely document a religious practice outside of the mainstream culture of the UK.

I would appreciate any information that you feel may help me with this project. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

Any help would be very much appreciated; or if you feel you would be willing to be the subject please get in touch!

I have emailed your request to my London Satanists group.



March 2 2007, 10:03:59 UTC 13 years ago

2007 excursion ford vehicle [a][/a]
I regret to inform you that you will be living a rich life here on earth, but will proceed to be beaten, torchered, pounded into the ground, lost, hopeless, depressed, in extreme pain, and distant from the God of the universe who made, cared, and loved you. This satan that you worship rejected God, and now is suffering for the same mistake that you are making right now. God loves and wants to have a relationship with you and you need to open up your mind to that and reject the thoughts that satan has put in your life.
I am just saying that my eternity looks good.... it looks great! and i hate to see people like you because i love and care for you as well and i would never want to see you or anyone else suffer like that.
I would like to challenge you right now... go to the nearest bible and open it up to the most random page you can think of... ok... then point to a random spot and i have faith that God will reveal something new to you and he will touch your heart in a way that you can never imagine. I have so much faith that God will do this that when you do experience the love of God, email me, just so that i can rejoice in the satisfaction that God is a powerful and mysterious God.

I love you, even though I don't know you!
Peace of the Lord be with you!

Josh Dodd
my email:



March 31 2007, 08:55:30 UTC 13 years ago

Buick Riviera

Thank you...


May 4 2007, 00:45:52 UTC 13 years ago

I'm doing a resarch paper about religions and this website helped me understand more about Satanism. Not the crap that the bible teaches. Thank you for giving this information for all to see.
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