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Thank you.


June 13 2007, 06:24:01 UTC 13 years ago

Thank you for making these sites. I may be young (Of age 14) but this site is helping me develop a new outlook on life and religions. I look forward to looking into Satanism later on and hope you will keep these sites going strong.
on your main page you have two links that use the image of the inverted cross. this cross has quite the opposite meaning to what you would think. it doesnt represent satanism or anti christianity but saint peter who chose to be crusified upside down as to not try and equate himself with jesus. because he is recognized as part of the foundation of the christian church, his symbol now represents the pontiff of the catholic church.

good sait


August 23 2007, 00:46:04 UTC 12 years ago

I recently had a person come into my office who had tried numerous things to quit smoking and had failed every time. When I spoke with her about her past experiences, she told me about how horrible and “nervous” she felt while on Zyban / Wellbutrin which is something that many clients tell me.
In examining the reasons why she had not been able to stop smoking, I got an answer that seems strange when you think about it logically, but yet is a very common answer… fear of “losing my best friend”. How can something be your “best friend” when by your own report, you say you hate the sell, inconvenience and cost? She hated being controlled by cigarettes, but yet called them her “best friend”.
The answer surfaced very quickly once I made contact with the “inner smoker” and followed the chain of feelings to determine the “core feeling” was that the “inner smoker” was trying to get by smoking. It was about “love”. At the unconscious level, smoking was “love”. Any wonder it was hard to quit… love is a very basic human need.
Very nice writings, I enjoyed the site very much. I have been on the left hand path for over five years now and you were able to revive and reaffirm some feelings of mine. Your work here is very inspiring.

However I do have one question, and hope you will see this and be able to answer... The symbol you used for the "Community" link, where does it come from? I feel near ashamed to ask, for it looks so familiar... but I just can't place it. I looked every where I could, but no luck.

Anyway, keep this up. You've done a fine job.

The Community icon is simply the Chinese character for "person", pronounced in Cantonese as "yan".

Re: Nice Writings


12 years ago

Hi Vexen
My name is Brendan Corr, I am a photojournalist based in London and am currently working
on a photographic project to illustrate the wide and diverse range of religions and faiths that exist side by
side in the UK. I am planning to photograph as many and varied representatives of
faith as I can, ultimately to be published in the form of a book.
As such I wondered if you would be willing to be photographed in your capacity as Satanist. I’m sure
you have many questions regarding such a request which I would be more than happy to answer.
Below is a link to my website which I think illustrates the seriousness with which I approach my work.
Look forward to hearing from you.
If your not keen to take part (and I completely understand if your
not) I wonder if you could point me in the direction of someone who might
be interested
Brendan Corr.

hi vexen ,

sorry i forgot to include my email address



February 2 2008, 23:42:44 UTC 12 years ago

Hey this is just a question do devil worshipers really sacrifice people I know I am asking a stupid question and I dont mean to insult any satanists or devil worshipers but I just wanted to know if all the bullshit I hear from christian bible bashers about devil worshipers sacrificing people is true.



March 24 2008, 12:26:06 UTC 12 years ago

Good site! My site about Kasinos
Your website makes for interesting reading. It allows me to look at avenues yet unexplored by my tiny mind. It does intrigue me somewhat. I do not know everything, and do not expect to know it soon.

I can give advice on there being nothing in this world. You say that there are no God in Satanism, but then why does demonology feature? Demons don't just materialize from a story book, and they are even scared of certain things and names. Once you start seeing the influence of demons used properly in a curse, and see them in your house, then you start to change your mind about life very quickly.. I once made the mistake to believe in nothing but myself, but my eyes were opened to a world beyond our own existance.

What I do know is not to take for granted what I am being fed by bigger institutions, especially the Vatican, and especially religious places, be it Christian or Budhist or Satanic. Let your heart govern your mind, and not the other way around.

"Eat shit, millions of flies can't be wrong" - The Economist.
One of my friends knows Chinese and the character on your page means man, not community, apparently.

Other than that, I think the site is brilliant, a very cerebral discourse about Luciferian topics, quite nice.

Your friend is right! Thanks for the comment too.


September 7 2008, 00:14:02 UTC 11 years ago

It appears that the site's banner is broken. Figured it out when I tried to use it- it isn't visible in your homepage either.

I think you have done a great work and your writing, unlike many other Satanists', is plenty objective and very well-rounded.
The banners are working fine as far as I can see. But I do remember that once I had some anti-virus/firewall software installed that tried to hide adverts and banners from me (I think it was trying to be useful). I suspect this is what you are suffering from! Try turning off firewall for a bit, and refreshing the page.
Hi friends. I will sale my soul to Satan. But my price is very high. If Satan are intr, i pray him, that he tell me that this way;- I pray that Satan show me young sweet skinny girls everywere, that they come to me and give me a "vink" that they are intr, about me... that some spirit take them to me. I will that Satan show me girls like that with my tv, and too. If he doo this things, Then i know, that he will pay the price, what is that--> Dear Satan, give me sweet young skinny girls every day, who will have sex with me. Let them come to me everywere i go, streets, workingplaces, and so. Show me girls like this with my tv,, dreams, and fill my life with sweet skinny girls 24 hours. Give me very much money too, and sexual spiritual power. Dear Satan, this is my price. If you help me, and doo this things for me, my soul is yours forever !!! Robert


November 15 2008, 03:47:06 UTC 11 years ago

man fuck u guys when i go to hell i will murder satan1!!!!!!
To the webmaster

I stumbled upon your site after googleing "critcism of buddhism". Even though I didn't agree with everything, I thought you had an interesting take on religion. Then I read your page about satanism, which completly turned me off and discredited everything else you wrote about. It seemed strange that an adult with a college education would try to justify this junk. Before I go further let me explain that I have some knowledge of Anton Lavey and the "Church of Satan". I am an agnostic-atheist so I am not going to waste your time telling you about how you are going to hell. Instead I will show you how a non-christian would disagree with your relligion.

(continued in a reply so it will fit)
(continued from above)

Philosophy- I don't see how the satanist "philosophy" Lavey espoused is suppost to be useful. I guess there are a few good ideas like being independent and living for today. But the main focus is a selfish "me first cause I'm better than everyone". That is not a philosophy, it's just being an asshole. Without compassion society would not exist. Satanism would be against charity, well think back to the last time someone had compassion on you, would you want them to say "sorry I only give a fuck about myself?" I also do't understand the logic that hedonisim and selfishness make more sense then compassion and selflessness because it is in human nature to look out for yourself. This is something that some other people as well as satanists believe but what they fail to understand is that PART OF HUMAN NATURE IS THE ABILITY TO DEFY HUMAN NATURE! Anyway the whole philosophy is pretty hipocritical and laughable. The satanic bible recomends that people destroy their enemies who bother them- uh, do any satanists want to say how many they've destroyed? The book says that people should "indulge" but then says to obey the law and not do drugs. What do satanists indulge in, eating too much candy and staying up past their bedtime? Satanisim starts with the idea of "just do whatever you want" but then adds to it "-but don't do anything illigal. -And don't do anything really offensive either. -And make sure you don't do anything that might hurt yourself." Finally you realise that satanists are just like evereybody else except they have a cool philosophy to pretend to follow.

Magic- The satanic bible has magic spells in it and the church of satan practices magic rituals. Okay I'm sad that "Harry Potter" is over with too, but that still doesn't change the fact that MAGIC ISN'T REAL! There is no evidence of magic ever doing anything for anyone, and if it was real wouldn't that mean that people who practiced occult magic would be highly sucessful instead of wasting their lives chasing a fools gold? What I find ironic is that Anton Lavey's version of satanism does not believe in real beings called satan or god and claims logic and reason for this. Yet they believe in magical spells that Lavey randomly pulled out of his ass. (Or perhaps the collective asses of Aleister Crowley and some other occult weirdos.) It seems as if satanism is just as dogmatic other religions. It is misrepresentitive of someone to examine the evidence for someone elses religion and then not apply the same skepticism to their own supernatural beliefs.

Satan- Okay so "Laveyian" satanists don't believe in an actual satan (or god) but instead believe that satan represents man's carnal nature (or whatever). Uh, why pick a bad guy from another religion and then pretend to worship it even though you have completly changed the meaning of it? The connection of satan to Lavey's ideas is dubious at best. I guess the satan character from the bible could represent rebellion and hedonisim, but he could represent other stuff. In the story of Job, Satan is "god's procecutor" so where would that fit in satanisim? Why even call the religion satanisim? Yeah I know buddhists call themselves buddhists and don't worship buddha- but they believe he existed and follow his teachings. But what satanists do is take a fictional character that was invented by a different religion and pretend to worship it. The only reason for this seems to be for attention. Satanists are using satan as a symbol for shock value, to scare people. This is pretty juvinaial, sort of like the little kid who eats dirt so the girls will say he is gross. It is ironic that satanists think of people as sheep, but feel the need to be the center of attention. According to the satanist philosophy they should be cunning, adapt themseves, and rise to the top, but by calling themselves satanists they probably label themselves as weirdos and avoid success.

Anton Lavey- I won't bother writting about how he was a liar and a con because aparently he was just following his own philosophy and therefore deserved anything he conned from people. (OFF TOPIC: are any satanists interested in buying some magic beans?)
All I will say is that satanism is bullshit no mater how you look at it.




December 11 2008, 02:22:39 UTC 11 years ago

u r ol fucked up!!!
may u ol rot in hell for eternity assholes!!!
and get a life...demons...



January 24 2009, 17:49:20 UTC 11 years ago

You people are truly fucking stupid. Wanting to be trendy of different is not a good way to choose a religion.
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