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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree, LS Meet

DPJS Guestbook

"The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree

Leave comments here, anonymously if you wish.

This comments page is for both http://www.dpjs.co.uk/satanism.html and http://www.humanreligions.info/satanism.html


I've currently been researching Satanism, and I was wondering whether anyone who claimed to be a satanist had been wrongly persucted or mistreated because of it?
Can anyone provide me with any experiences?

hi please teach me the truth

pls teach me the truth about satanism can u email me at leeharveyurgino@yahoo.com


Here are two books you might find interesting. THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT – A Satanist Prophecy is a recently discovered lost manuscript. FUNDAMENTAL BLASPHEMY is a declaration in prophecy debunking the idolatry and spiritual blackmail of Genesis and the Abraham-based religions.




I'm currently reading an excellent book called 'Prometheus Rising' by Robert Anton Winston and he doesn't seem to be saying anything different to what you are saying. I'm surprised you are such rationalists.

Re the Buddhism thread, I think the main difference is that Buddhists don't indulge their evolutionary urges (they experience them and accept them) but wouldn't necessarily follow them.

Satan= Sheytan= Allah= Lucifer= Jupiter= LIGHT of the World!

Maybe you didn't notice that:
* Satan is another pronounciation of Sheytan in Arabic & it's derived from the Persian word: Sheed & it means Light (as in the Iranian name: Jamsheed which means LUMINOUS JAM & in the word KhorSheed means SUN)
And maybe you dont know that Allah is derived from the Persian word : AL means Light of Fire (as in the word: ALborz means tower of light and ALO in Farsi is something to do with making fire)
* AL in Arabic became ALLAH which is PRETENTIOUSNESS of LIGHT & it means The Light of the lights = SHEED of the SHEEDS!
* Jupiter is derived from the Indo-Europian words: Soo+Peter means Father of Light (as in the persian word: Soo which means Ray of light and Pedar means Father) so it is also Light of the Lights!
Zeus is also derived from Zu or Soo which means the Ray of light
So Satan is the symbol of light not Darkness!
Satan is the old God of Light & Fire!


about author of the website

what you stated in your website about christian crossis completly wrong.
First fiind out who are christian? and what is christianity really,because it'seems you're very mistaken.


Your right Lucifer is the true helper of mankind. The blood thirsty god is the evil one. I will say more later..

my goodness

This religeon dose nothing but manipulate the true God, Jesus christ own words and then has the audasity to say there is no God, and the fact that this comment will make Satanist mad, only means that the real demons in you are squirming to get away from his name....evil simpley means absence of God, like cold means absence of heat, and darkness is absence of light...

What's the point of being a Satanist?

I share your views regarding the God of the bible, and feel that religion in general has deleterious effect on humanity. I don't agree that nature is good or evil, good and evil are human constructions. Why not just put religion aside all together and turn your attention to something more worthy of your attention? I don't understand.

kindship of tyhn weird

i added my thought please help as your site is lot large..

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Very interesting!


I just stumbled across your site. It's very interesting and I can make comparisons with the Enlightenment movement of the 18th Century (which I am currently studying) and Deism.

It really seems quite progressive!




I see you're not overrun with comments, so, as I just accidentally stumbled onto your site via

and spent a good hour reading your writings, I wanted to say thank you for the very impressive job (both on this site and others).

I thought for a moment there that I was a Satanist myself; but no, I don't need the religious trappings, so I guess I'm just a run of the mill secular humanist. But I very much appreciated the read! Do keep on keepin on!

Satan Over Delusion

Love your new-look website, Vexen.

I've recently got back into Satanism after pursuing Buddhism for a while (Buddhism: good philosophy, disappointing religion).

For me (as well as most others) Satan represents the more scientific, rational part of my mind that, thankfully, defeats the attempts made by my more irrational tendencies. O those conquistadors of delusion! Satan crush them!

Thanks very much for this site Vexen. It has helped me immensely.

Re: Satan Over Delusion

Thanks for the comments, seeker, Hail the End of Delusion!

Matthew And The Goats

I was reading the Gospel of Matthew recently, and in chapter 25 it says of the coming of the "Son of Man in all His glory":

32 All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats.
33 And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left.

It goes on to say the sheep will inherit the kingdom, but the goats will be sent into the fire.

Of course the sheep, the conforming, unquestioning herd, are beloved of God. They are the meek; the ones on the Right Hand Path.
But the goats on the other hand (literally the left hand), the nonconformists, the rebellious thinkers, are unloved by God. These will be sent (by a supposedly all-loving, forgiving god) to the fire of the Devil. Yet you can send a goat to the fire, but you can't make him burn!

So anyway, does the above excerpt from the New Testament have anything to do with the goat imagery in Satanism, or (as I have read before) does the goat imagery stem from Pagan origins? Or maybe a bit of both?

- Barkara

Group Meetings?

I have become slightly discontented, on the belief that there are few in numbers within covens and the inability of mobility and communication!
But then again who said that it had to be more than a minority.
want to meet saturday 12pm Hope and Anchor first floor by the window?

Re: Group Meetings?

Satanism is not a communal religion; read High Priest Peter Gilmore's essay "The Myth of the Satanic Community" and all will be explained. Tread the path alone!