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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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"The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree

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This comments page is for both http://www.dpjs.co.uk/satanism.html and http://www.humanreligions.info/satanism.html

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So, what is really real?

I have read much on this site and found much both interesting and amusing.

But I am still perplexed from a philosophical stance. If Satanism is some inverted nihilism, then is that not some branch of Existensialism? Furthermore, since Satan may not be worshipped as a supernatural being (aka a human construct) why should Satanic principles be considered any better than following the fairies at the bottom of the garden (if indeed they exist).

Although I instinctively gravitate towards a "left hand path" I can only do so on the understanding that the path also gravitates towards me. I therefore suspect that fallen angels are just that! I.e. they are not moral or mental constructs in favour of logical thought and freewill but actual, intelligent entities. That they may not be petitioned in the pathetic way that the loser Christians petition their pantheon of jokers is of scant concern to me. Which team do you want to be on?

And get off the sideline... hiding behind intelligent critique is still hiding.... you will be found in the end...

"man suffers nothing not even unto angels other than in weakness to his own frail will".... Joseph Glanville.

Re: So, what is really real?

Ijust come across this web sire. It is very interesting. I just read the comments on LOgic and GOD prepared by Vexen guy. I noticed that there is a guy popped out of nowhere like an angel and presented a very convincing proof that our beautiful universe definetely has a creator. (he is interpreting a collection of Risale- NUR answering all the questions) I suggest you first to read his comments and make a decision by yourself. Now I am suggesting these arguments on logic and God to everybdoy. Even in my deep inside I feel convinced by easing off all my doubts.

take vare


Re: So, what is really real?

If you people like in the UK, I'm thorougly surprised you haven't been attacked by some maniacal, god-fearing Irish catholic woman... with cats.

Re: So, what is really real?

Saddly I've actually studied both the theology of angels and the metaphysics of angels...

According to Catholics, Angels are pure spirit...Spirit means intellect...since they live outside of time they only ever get once choice: Good or Evil...they are free to choose it but can never come back...as they know fullwell what they are about to do and change their very existence...

However, humans are body and soul/spirit...so we have the capacity to choos, but in time...which means we always have the capacity to move back and forth between choices...

Satan, theologically was put into heaven, 'thrown down', but a better way of understanding the theology behind satan is that he chose to be thrown down, or moved away...if he is Pure intellect, than his being would be altered in the state of "metaphyisical relationship" that he would have lost his relationship with the divine...and therefore be placed into hell, which is simply a place with No God...or "no Goodness"...that is what Catholics believe

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