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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree, LS Meet

DPJS Guestbook

"The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree

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This comments page is for both http://www.dpjs.co.uk/satanism.html and http://www.humanreligions.info/satanism.html

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Finally a Definitive Satanic Resource

As a recent realiser of the Satanic faith (I despise the word "Convert" as in Satanism it doesn't happen) I'd like to thank you for putting up some of the key theories on your site. It has been a big help to me in developing my own Satanic theory.

Mikhail, London

Re: Finally a Definitive Satanic Resource

Cool. I know what you mean about the word "convert", although I do use it myself I know it really only means "realize"!

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