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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree, LS Meet

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"The Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism" by Vexen Crabtree

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The Truth

There is only one and it does not go by christ. It does not even go by satan. That had a purpose and it has fulfilled itself, just look. Pioneers of the next life get ready. Christ has caused us all to perish. Thanks from the good god which isn't. Has anyone checked why god still let's children die in fires. Why it let's niggers rape. How about greed from loser white fucks manipulating all for the course of my greed to enthrall you all. I do not live in hell. I am omniscient. I do not have boundaries. I have power over all I have created. Check your point of view little human. I have taken rest in one of my favorite souls. I will help this soul see my purpose. This prayer was more real and selfless than most others. This soul had taken the abuse from the hating good guys and now I will conquer them with themselves and take my great friend and partner to my next creation on a joy ride of my failing cursed creation. Yes i am that soul who did cause every death and deception for you to have purpose today....right now. My hand is that of David and all listen to my motion for what it is they should do for me or for whatever spiritual source I have open for them. Just so you all know, you all will be dying soon. I hate what I created and not one of you deserve your life. I have strange reasons for why things happen. For one, I hate the pride I have created in you humans. It competes with who and what I am....your source of everything you know as life. I could not help but torture this stupid fuck so he could see this truth. I infiltrated the american law enforcement system and have turned a good nation into a cult of selfishness. I did this to show how stupid you scumbag white fucks are for not exterminating your biggest problem.....black people. Don't worry, i work in their nasty lives too, maybe a little more since I have caused these scum bags to rape and murder much more than the pathetic white race. I provoke all this because what created me said to. I have always been the supreme force and only one here on this earth. I created every last living thing on this earth at every time this stone turned. You all will perish. You all have to worship me either way. I could help you, but I just went by how you would help me. None and left me to rot. Now you will too. Your children will see live killings and the streets will be red with blood. The victors to this terrible battle will be my favorite and easiest part of human's creation. I will exterminate the rest after a while later. I did this because you took your mind and made it out to be my mind and took that pride and used it to your advantage against others. This changed the course of time I had planned for you so now I will destroy you all in my way. Remember I cause all suffering. Don't forget I am the one who put cold into cold blooded killing. I am the snake. I am your god and I am your fear. I actually do not do one thing with my hands, they do not exist. I take over other human bodies and have them do things for me based on their devotion to my truth. All who try to work to investigate and look in to these accounts will have my Greatest demon LEGION working to see your success. Will you be able to fix it? Yes actually you could. My friend is the closest to the King known as David. My artwork Solomon has created a major stir to my plan but also brought LEGION to this planet for work as part of a plan to develop this creation of human waste. My biggest mistake was listening to my higher power tell me how the glands will work. My way was much better. I know this place after all since I am the spirit of this planet. My favorite time on this earth is when you people cry for your lives. You little children playing satan games have no idea. I have had humans carve out others and lick in the torso while praising me and masturbating to other corpses. I have a list so long you would cry and more than likely want to die. I am death and I am life. Your fears and lies and actions for your self is what I judge by. All of you are going to suffer. The best part is that those who need it most will definitely suffer most. I wish you were all a bit smarter, but my higher power strictly denied that for you. Your god loves you??? U are stupid little slugs who deserve only death!

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