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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Buddhism pages

"Buddhism" by Vexen Crabtree (2005)

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Off topic

Can you answer this:
If I walked up to you, put a gun to your head and said, "Denounce your satanistic beliefs or I will take your life", how would you respond?

Luckily situations like that are part of my line of work... I'd kick your arse :-)

Maybe more realistically, I would denounce them and wait for the situation to end. I am not suicidal, and my religion definately doesn't encourage pointless, prideful, ignorant futile stances: Satanism is not concerned to promote itself. So I'd just denounce whatever you tell me to denounce, probably deny being a Satanist, etc. That's the sensible way out.

Try reading my text on the Columbine girl for more on the Satanic response to violence: http://www.dpjs.co.uk/violence.html (On the "Examples" bit)

Re: Off topic

Christianity does not promote suicide. You just don't get it, that's all. To try to explain it to you would be pointless. It's a shame you just don't know. However, as a Christian, if someone were to threaten to cut my head off and to denounce Jesus, it would be quite hard, I admit, to let them cut my head off. But knowing God/Jesus as I know them, I would pray they get me out of the situation or make my death quick and painless. Also, if I did denounce Jesus (which would be just as hard or harder for me) and I lived, ... guess what ... I would be forgiven anyhow. However, I would know that I was not the witness to the Lord that I should have been. Look at the examples of those in the Bible that did not denounce God/Jesus and were killed because of it (and Jesus warns us that my occur) ... and look at thow many came to Jesus/God because they witnessed such pure faith that they could do nothing but believe. Here's a great question for you. Why do you think that the true born-again Christians are the most hated people of this world? And, also, that Jesus Christ is the most detested also? I mean the mention of Jesus in public almost gets you arrested these days. Why do you think that is? I'd be curious of your answer or anyone else's out there!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Off topic

I disagree with you in terms of how born-again Christians are detetested, along with Jesus. I mean almost this entire site of Vexen's is bent towards the bashing of Christianity, Jesus/God. Is it not? Also, I live in the United States and it seems that the mere utterance of the name of Jesus, the Bible, etc. will get you arrested, hated, etc. Other "religions" are more tolerated here. Also, so you get it right, true born-again Christianity is NOT a religion. :>

(Deleted comment)

Legally you are allowed to quote (with proper citation) for "reasonable use"; you wouldn't need to ask just to do that.

Substantial quotes or copies require persmission...

But in either case... feel free.

the intellect and self deception

so youve set yerself up as mankinds saviour!--but all you offer is the same old same old liberal/conservative religious lies and manipulation!!--tho of course youll deny that(elegantly and eruditely no doubt!)--all repeat all religions and philosophies are just the deluded mentation of persons addicted to group mind practises--wholistic practises built aroundphysiological/phychological change is the way forward on an individual level-- but you wont see that as youre Id-Entity is built upon the foundation of group mind at any cost--not really the way of bravery is it?--i realise now as i write that its probably a waste of my time to even try to communicate with you Vexen--so just make fun of me and cancel me out--there you go

Re: the intellect and self deception

I reall can't figure out what you're talking about, but I've left your three comments on my pages here, in case anyone else here can fathom what you're actually trying to say.

No-where on this page can you correctly infer that I think I'm a saviour.

Are you saying I am following the "same old" liberal arguments? Or the same old conservative ones? Or are you saying I'm denying that I do?

And what on Earth does "all repeat all religions" mean?

I think your post is a mixture of bad English, bad logic, and potentially I think you're on acid or cocaine or something. Try again later!

oh i read yer first comment about the gun to ones head--nothing like rubbish concepts to fire the intellectuals imagination is there?--you write elegant "manly" nonsense tho i would guess that deep down you already know that!--try letting go PERMANENTLYof youre conditioned identity and becoming the Id-Entity that was born in that body--not that you would know how to--all gods have been tagged with VANITY which causes them to betray humanity in order to be worshipped and so suck the energy out of all worshippers (common or high class)--allah god jehovah budda are just different faces of the same created spirit--have you ever tried to figure out internally what created them as well as the universe--i rather doubt it by the ignorance you display--maximum brainbloodvolume maximum glucose maximum oxygen plus contemplation plus lack of FALSE humility--dig it!!!

What is a "conditioned" identity?
What is an "ID-entity"? Are you referring to ID as in the Freudian sense of the term? You are saying I should let go of my social conditioning and revert to basic insticts? (The ID, in Freudian psychology, is carnal desire, hunger, basic insticts and our animal nature). I don't agree: To survive in the modern world, I need to continue with a social identity. To give that up is to go insane.

Why are talking about "all Gods" and vanity? I don't get your point.

Human beings created gods, for all kinds of reasons. I look at some of these reasons here: The Experience of God

the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

what you and others like you call erroniously the gods are created spirit entias I am not an intellectual like you but rather a Wholistic being i cannot write the kind of intellectual nonsense that you do( no insult intended)so please try to bear with me because this is really the first time that i have tried to write this down --i call what you write nonsense but obviously in the light of REALITY it is but then youll deny that!--imnot trying to score points in some intellectual fashion(metaphysical wrestling )but trying to set you right for your own sake--the gods were NOT created by humans(a common misperception)but were created when the universe was (what created all this cannot be named or described and its is a waste of time and speculation to try to do so[as you and many others do]better to come into relationship with this seemingly "indifferent being"thru changing from the conditioned identity that you believe to be you--an identity that was conditioned into you in a process starting within a few hours after birth by the parenters thus replacing the orinal ID-entity that took abode in the childs body in the womb-forcing it to take a back seat through growth into adulthood (sealed cranium--see Bart Huges--homo sapiens correctus)you have probably fractured your skull at sometime before the onset of adulthood(around 20years)thus gaining an extra amount of brainbloodvolume but unfortunately carrying your conditioned identity with you(the mind controls the brain thru its control over the Ego(see Huges and Mellon -the Ego scroll--the Ego is a conditioned reflex that concentrates the brainbloodvolume in the parts of the brain in action)the mind has no direction but to keep control over the body/brain complex otherwise it will dissapear completely--what you and many others call(erroniously)the gods are created spirit entities who posses no sense of morality and are charged with assisting humans in their lives--as a brake on their existence they are not only unable to reach a state of UNION with the unameable creator/being but are also subject to vanity which as you well know is a handicap--this has caused the chief among these beings to pose as "gods" in order to suck up the energy that ignorant people pass to them in the form of worship--ah vanity where is thy sting?--human beings have worshipped these beings in the past because before the present era science had not given us enough knowledge to bring knowingness into being inside us but now happily we no longer have to identify with religious and philosophical speculation --Freud was a relative idiot(an idiot is one who lives in the world of ideas--like EVERYONE on your website)he could not even find his way home in Vienna!!--his desciption of the ID is so far from reality as to be derisory--in street talk he was a thickie!!--the ID-entity at birth is unconditioned and yes of course is animal but then we are animals who also are prey to vanity-you display this in your writings(i have read your various attempts to "get a grip on reality"and see your obvious failure--you give the impression of whistling in the dark but what else can you do?-this ID-entity is "a chip off the GREAT DIAMOND"whose basic direction in life is to reunite into union--but cannot do so because of afforsaid conditioned identity--to give this up is not to go Insane as you seeit--you are caught in Duality between sane/insane and NO i do not postulate a "middle way"--gotama was wrong even though the writings supposedly from him seem so right--but then the intellect can only deal in words given meaning by other words--as for social being that is merely being one of a vast groupmind that prevents one from attaining a state of knowingness(words are so misleading arent they?)you have been seduced into believing you are sane thus conditioned to avoid insanity--society does this exdtremely well after all look around you and then look in a mirror--but neither state leads to knowingness(an experiential state)--again i must apologise for my lack of elegance of phrase)perhaps youll continue to ask intelligent questions of me--in sincerity your friend

Re: the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

i missed you first comment so hear goes--NO NO NO i dont take any drugs at all--NO tobacco alcohol coffee tea heroin cocaine morphine xtc speed(xtc is speed under another name)--as for bad english and logic do you honestly believe you become more credible as an intellectual when you resort to silly personal invective?--obviously you wont understand me because i speak from a position you have no knowledge of at all --the position of experiential knowingness--so a few personal questions--do you remember what happened during this last night?--did you sleep dreamlessly?-does your ever so active mind still stay in denial?--i would guess the answer on all acounts is YES!!!--as me and my consort say NEVER MIND!!--the childs cranial plate grow together and fuse as it grows towards adulthood(see Huges--Homo Sapiens Correctus scroll)when gravity pulls approx one mouthful of blood out of the brain and allows a similiar amount of Cerebrospinal fluid to "float"upwards inflating the Ventricles (like fingers inside a boxing glove)-thus creating a system that your MIND seeks to recreate--try to be openminded if you can(tho i doubt that)--i do not posess mind just a brain in my head under MY control--not as you are under the control of your mind thru its agency the CONDITIONED IDENTITY--please dont quote Freud to me--i deal from the point of self experiential knowingnes(for want of a better term--words have no shame have they?)--you obviously have a crack in your skull but because have mind you cannot be in the state that i am --posessing the same amount of brainbloodvolume as i did immediately upon birth--and consider this if you will--if everyone on this planet was in this same state there would be NO NEED WHATSOEVER for religions philosophies politics nations or other diversionary tactics created by the group mind and its accolytes out of fear of loss of control--just a short comment

Re: the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

i just realised i left out cannabis and lsd etc --so put the record straight --i dont take any psychedelics such as lsd cannabis--though strictly these are not "drugs"--the definition of a drug is a substance that by taking many times the standard dosage results in death--NO ONE has EVER died from these substances in History-but i dont use them at all!!--obviously you will deny me more space in the interests of "freedom of speech"--so this is probably bye--i am 67 and play sax and flute and clarinet--played with Hendrix and Lennon at the UFO in 1967 among others--love ever

Re: the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

i also missed your indignation at my saying you saw yourself as a saviour--am i not allowed to state what is obvious from your whole website--"an intellectual with all the "right" answers!!"-come off it you sanctimonious wordsmith--why else have a website?-if not to put forward your take on "things"--bet you feel really "naughty" with your ersatz "satanism"--ooh i bet you feel so "out there"--youl;l have to close this site down or STOP people having free acess--cos i intend to keep on exposing your visible manipulations--you wont like that will you--CONTROL freaks never do!!!-why not debate that which you are not clever enough to understand?--afraid?--little boy has been caught out bullshitting--

vexens cowardice at refusing OPEN DEBATE

Perfection is an Illusion being existant is to live in perfection Beauty is an Illusion being existant is to live in Beauty should i call you Listener?--as you only speak from a pre-written script--same old same old

Re: the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

Your definition of "drugs" is completely wrong; something doesn't have to be dangerous to be a drug, nor does it have to result in death to be a drug. Penicllin, for example, heals, and is a drug, along with thousands of other medical drugs.

You are rambling pretty incoherently, I have no idea why you're talking about "denying space", nor why it is important what musical instruments you play.

Is this like, your sounding board for your hallucinagenic fantasies, where you think you're making sense?

OK, if you're not on drugs then I have a different suggestion: Go to a dr and get some drugs. I think you need them.

Re: the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

so its personal invective!!--i was talking in the context of "recreational" drugs in reply to your listing of how you didnt take alcohol etc--i dont do ANY recreational drugs!!--so your attempts to paint me as deranged by hallucinogens is a CHEAP SHOT--as for my playing instruments its another way of pointing out that all your creativity comes from switching on one of a series of machines--unlike you i only deal with experience wheresas you come from BOOKS only--as for your suggestion i go to a doctor for drugs--yechh!!--are you for real??--i have an iq of 149--but NO MIND--unlike you who is a slave to MIND and the identity you were given at birth--i use ALL my brain centres including creativity--you seem to be enthralled by intellect and the cheap trash society you admit to being a part of--i told you in another posting that you would NOT understand what i wrote and you have shown that--i also pointed out that you would denigrate me me --THATS OK!!--you can have the last word but youll always know till you die that your just another intellectual fantasiser--like your book list--the gods DONT exist except in your imagination--i notice you didnt defend your obvious sexual chauvinism--perhaps you are proud of it?--anyway thanks for getting annoyed --i appreciate the energy--listening to j coltrane -CRESCENT-bye

Re: the gods and conditioned identity and ID-ENTITY

i told you that you wouldnt understand so like any defender of the status quo you resort to badmouthing that which you dont understand--try again vexen--your anger is only adrenalin!-take several deep breaths try to rise above it!!-if you can--and please dont write to my E for a "private "discussion--lets debate in the open your silly confused intellectual stumblings--thats all your writings are --or cant you take a little criticism?--no sense of humour?--im not the one thats hung up on trash culture--you are!!--you have provided much amusement for me with your personalising thru misrepresentation(over the "drug"issue)--dont bother to reply unless you can ask meaningful questions and not this childish invective posing as serious talk

the " intellectual" frauds that prosletyse on behalf of all religions (including buddism and satanism)have destroyed many Forests of noble trees in their mendacious writings and so-called sacred texts!!--to a mindless one like me that merely reveals their moral bankruptcy and confirms their complete lack of experience of the source of Creation(certainly NOT any God of celestial being so-called)--there is a Spanish phrase i came across in my Hippie phase in Ibiza in 1965--Sin Verguensa--"WITHOUT SHAME" but what else to expect on a website run by one of them who writes about spending nights "in" with his wife--we call that Chauvinist Piggery"--lack of respect for the sanctuty and privacy opf marriage and a kind of dirty minded boasting intended to be one of the boys but revealing the writers lack of DEEP respect for his wife!!

been using anonymous--my E is lord@lordcollins.wanadoo.co.uk--my yoga master(dr rammurti mishra)gave me the name in 1970 saying it would get me my fair share of abuse--the collins bit is in memory of that grand irish gentleman Michael Collins--ta ta

psychiatry psychology psychotherapy all religions including buddism christianity satanism islam hinduism yoga judaism sikkhism are delusion causing symptoms of the eternal disease of DUALITY for which they all pretend to be the cure--like pouring petrol on a fire

furthermore the ONLY cure for the eternal disease of DUALITY is for the individual to move into a state of EXPERIENTIAL KNOWINGNESS thru replacing the conditioned identity with the eternal ID-ENTITY

furthemore including the obvious raison detre othis website --CONSUMERISM(not just on a physical but also INTELLECTUAL level)--more than love

Defination of Navanna

Guy, this site is a really great site that I have been looking for.
I am born Buddhism as a Burmese. However, I didn’t practice. I was keep looking for what is the purpose of life, since I was teenage.

Just to make a story short,
I believe in no God,
I pray to nothing,

But read and listen all religions.

As far as I understand, in Buddha’s teaching Naivana is the place where existence cased. All living things are suffer because they are exist. If they can reach to the stage, where no existence , no more suffering.

Hope I get some clue.

Fogot to add my identity,

you could reach me @ min@singapore.

Freedom of Speech leading to Freedom of Debate

As formerly posting under Anonymous I would like to write this well deserved THANK YOU to Vexen for allowing me to post on this site without Censorship or "cutting me off"--In my hurry to "get across" my own "realisation" and its application to ALL living beings I became a "little censorious" of others!!Vexens defense of Freedom of Speech that in turn leads to Freedom of Debate has led me to want to say"I thank You and REALLY appreciate your allowing me these pages to post my "observations"uncensored!!I have used language that may have been a little ROBUST but NEVER intended to Insult or Denigrate--Just tried to write it as I saw it!!.MANNgrene@yahoo.co.uk
If you read this Vexen then for a third time I do value your stand for Freedom of Speech and Debate.We can agree to disagree! THANX A BUNCH!!

Re: Freedom of Speech leading to Freedom of Debate

well isnt there ANYONE out there who has ANYTHING to say in defense of whtever??

Re: Freedom of Speech leading to Freedom of Debate

As formerly posting under anonymous Id like to invite anyone to check out my (opened today)Website at www.experientialknowingness.co.uk

have a day

Buddhism and Satanism

Buddhism and Satanism are most more compatible of what the people believe.
The Primeval Buddhism,like presentated from Buddha have an Aristocratic Character and an Elitarist prerogative.
Refuse every Metaphysical rethoric and in especially way the Reincarnation theory.
The Buddhism is not only anti-theistic,but also I-Theistic.
The Original purpose of the Buddhism are discovered the our Self-Good or in psychological therms,the discovery of the our Superconscious.

I strongly suggest at anyone which desire learn more about it the book
"The Doctrine of the Awakening"of Julius Evola.

Sorry for the Bad English
Your site is GREAT
Greetings From Italy

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