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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Traditional Devil

"Who is Satan? The Accuser and Scapegoat" by Vexen Crabtree

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hmmm - interesting stuff is this for a peice of academic work or are you writing a book?

I write a lot, it's personal interest and study.

SAtan is the only real god and sould be admired!!! so watch you back...... AND your grave!!!


why do christians hate so much


I believe that the devil and satan are different. I think that the devil and god are good, and jesus is bad. If anybody has any info on why or what I beleive e-mail me at

satanic'possessed furniture

I have an antique bed that is rather unique and would like to find out some info on it. I believe it is mahogony? The size is a full bed with a head board and a footboard. The headboard is over 5 ft tall and the design that is in the wood actually looks like some sort of demon head with eyes. It appears to be the grain of the wood and is very prominent. It is actually very spooky looking. There is also two side profiles of this same face. It appears to have wings or claws on it as well. There is a matching dresser with a large mirror that has side shelves. The dresser has a marble top. The only dates I can find on the bed are in the locks on the drawers and they are 1873 and 1882.
This bed was purchased in Michigan from a dealer in 1965. In about 1975 a dealer said it was worth about 3000.00. How do I go about getting an appraisal and looking for info on it. In all of the wood beds I have seen, never had I seen a bed with this kind a face and look.
Thank you,

Just Let me know?

My Email address is I just wanna know that can one live a happy life if he or she become the follower of satan. And whats the procedure to join Satan. Reply me soon.

Waiting anxiously
Saira Lateef

the website in geanearl

you interest me so.Thanks for the help.


i'm at please send me more information about being a satanist and how to become a better one. thanks much.


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