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God must be immoral whether it has free will or not

"God is immoral whether or not it has free will" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)

The Validity of Love theodicy is the idea that god created evil because we could only love god in a valid way if we had a choice between loving god and not loving god. Because of this choice, evil and suffering exist due to us not loving god perfectly enough. However, a simple look at the free will of god itself disproves this theodicy.

* If God has no free will and love from this god is valid and acceptable, then God could have created us the same way. Where our love and worth is valid, despite there not being the existence of evil or free will.

* If God does have free will and never chooses evil, then God could have created us with the same quality. That by choice, we never choose evil, but we still have free will.

To say that evil, suffering, disease, despair and unhappiness were created by god because it is necessary for love and worth to be valid, is wrong. Either there is no god and suffering just happens to be part of the natural world due to physical cause and effect, or, if there is a god, it is amoral.
Tags: determinism, evil, free will, god, religion, theodicy, vexen, vexen crabtree
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