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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

I wuz robbed

Our car was broken into whilst we were nightclubbing at Slimelight... my bag, safely locked away in the boot, was stolen. The car suffered a smashed window. I lost my wallet, mobile phone, driving papers, some clubbing clothes, keys to my work flat and keys to all my lockers, and lots of other stuff. And all my Euros!

It was a very long Sunday morning... I phoned work and told them as soon as we were in the police station that I'd lost my ID card. Luckily I'm getting a new one on Friday in due course anyway. And luckily DVLA are sending me new B, B+E driving license as I've only recently completeled Car & Trailer driving test.

Anyway... I survived this week with no cash and no bankcards, and no mobile. Because I'm moving work location, I didn't get banks to send me new cards. Awkward. But I'll get them delivered to me in London.

Oh and I've lost of Church of Satan membership card :-( Will have to send off for a new one. I bet the robber hasn't stole many of those in his life!

None of my cards or mobile were used before I cancelled them (within 4 hours of losing them).

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A friend of mine had cards stolen and reported them so fairly sharpish, but for some bizarre reason the credit card company took 3 days to cancel the cards and the kids who swiped em' ran up around 700pounds of stuff. Odd they took so long.

Very odd! I hope s/he got they're money back!

yeh, well she didn't get charged for it, and you could see they had wandered down princes street (main edinburgh shopping street) buying what they fancied from the statement.

(Deleted comment)
I hope so! If only theives paid that much attention to detail!

Aww that really really sucks. :( *hugs you close and comfortingly* At least the thieves were considerate enough not to splash out on your cards and cell phone before you could cancel them, I guess.

You all sorted for Germany then? Well, I know you'll have fun there 'cause you always do, and I understand if you don't have time to see a little cub before you go away. :) *doesn't want to add to your already hectic schedule for the coming week or so*

Send me your new contact information asap though. :) I'll email you with my email address and phone number. :)

I'm less sure about what I'm doing next week - I'm going to my Dad's for a few days, I'm freer on Wed/Thurs/Fri (minus one day when I'm being filmed for a documentary before I go away, maybe Wednesday). I'm travelling from Saturday onwards.

How about Thursday? I've got one thing I want to do in London before I go, and that is to pop into the Open University offices in Camden and enquire about courses whilst I'm in Germany. If you come with me then we can take the chance to sit and have some nice food somewhere! Maybe across the road in Waggamamma's! If not, then I'll come pester you nicely for a few hours late afternoon Thurs.

I'll definately get you contact details as soon as I know them!

*nice warm loving cuddles*

I'm not sure how up to going Out I am at the moment, but you can phone me if/when you want to meet up and I'll see how I'm feeling then? I'm not doing much tomorrow, at any rate, so. :)

i just wrote that msg...i reconsider what i said....i wouldnt rob anyone as i know what its like, try getting your house robbed of 15,000 pounds lol ish and everything of importance including my fkking drum kit.....shit the crash ride was 200 quid on its own, i am going to take a chance and join this.......site of yours/forum whatever it is lol, il be Mr.Spikeyfreako666 - - - as this is my virtual alias lol, oh and further about robbing...those ppl who DID rob you are allready on their way to nothing, they are nothing they can do nothing...are becoming nothing so just rest happy in the fact you have a lot more depth to you!

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