Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree


My actualy job is quite satisfying...

Taking things apart, fault-finding, soldering, swapping boards and bits of kit from box to box as a way of eliminating causes of faults, etc. Ordering spare parts. Lots of the kit is very heavy. The vehicles are massive, strong, varied. Paperwork, works registers, parts ordering and a whole room full of technical descriptions of every single piece of kit.

It's a steep learning curve, lots of learn and lots to do. It's a bit dreamy :-)

I done a fitness test this morning, done "average" in upper body but done well on the 2.4km run (1.5 miles), which I done in 9 minutes 6 seconds. Not my best time but I had no warning at all we'd be doing it, and had tracksuit bottoms on (heavy & hot), and haven't done much fitness stuff since Christmas.

Um. Workmates are all very laddish, although it's very cool chatting and talking with the more intelligent & work-orientated ones.

Snail mail takes ages to get here. Thanks to my friends for emailing me, it's one the few contacts I have with the outside world outside of work! Because snail mail takes so long I've hardly been talking to my girlfriend, who I miss!
Tags: fitness, work, workmates
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