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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Nightmares: psychology and biology

Sleep Paralasys

This is really odd....do you know anything about it??

Theres a condition called Sleep Paralasys, which i suffer from.

Basically what happens is whilst you sleep your senses awaken, but your body is still technically asleep, and you cannot move any part of your body. You can see, and a vision occurs in your room. Weirdly enough a lot of people have suffered from the same vision, throughout history, this has been backed up by evidence of drawings of the " Old lady". Basically what is seen is an old woman, with exaggerated features, her skin white, and wrinkled. She is dressed in dark, baggy clothes, she moves over to where you are as if she is gliding, very slowly. She climbs up onto your chest and wraps her hand round your neck and you cannot move. You actually feel like you are being strangled. And when you wake up , your throat is sore as you have actually been subconciously choking yourself in your sleep! It cannot be cured and this occurs to me twice a week, it is never less terrifying.

Ruby White xxx

Re: Sleep Paralasys

im makin a movie on sleep paralasys nd ur info has been a gr8 help thanku heeeaaaapppps!!!!!!!

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Shadow Demons

Here's a thread I started in an RPG Forum of all places... and the reply's I got are kinda of worrying... loads of people have seen or had simular expriences..

Here's my closest to your own:-

The Dancer - You lay paralized in bed a small lady like figure (Witch like stands in the room watching as a slim Dark figure twirls around the room, then starts punching at you... the punches don't hurt... but you just can't move...

(The Witch is very much like how you described... She Holds my Ankles, without holding them... I feel hands on them, but hers are not on me... hard to explain, she is in the corner of the room... yet I am restrained, I know she is doing it cuz when I kick she seems to move slightly...)

This happens to me around twice a year...


I have suffered recurring nightmares for as long as I can remember and I am 37 now. My nightmares start when in my dreams I go to switch on a light in the house. Suddenly the bulb blows out and the terror strikes (in fact I am getting slight shock waves through my body just by writing this). The room falls into darkness and my body seizes up, I just freeze.

I try to run but cannot escape. Something or someone is grabbing hold of me (I can never tell what it is). I am screaming to this thing to get off. By this time I my body is gripped with absolute terror. When I finally awake my body is shivering and I feel all tense. I often ask my wife if she heard my screams but she never has.

In these nighmares I always end up at my old house where I grew up and lived for 30 years. I remember when I was a child, I used to sense a presence over my face when I was sleeping, ( I am still getting shivers writing this).

I was never treated badly as a child and really had a good and pleasent up-bringing.

I am not sure what advice I am seeking or what I am looking for. My personal opinion on these nightmares are that I am going back to a dark place where I used to exist, possibly in another life.

I sometimes find myself going to sleep and saying to my tormenter that I am not scared and I am going to find who you are. "Come on lets get it on".

Any comments welcome

Re: Nightmares

Recurring nightmares are usually from post tramatic stress. Or so I read... but you should look into that, maybe you could unlock the key to your nightmares...

night terror/paralysis

This is probably one of the most sensible sites I have seen on the subject, I am fed up of seeing sites that say it only happens to children or it is linked to mental illness, these sites are clearly written by people who have never experienced one!, I am impelled to write this as I have suffered from night terrors since I was 15, now 31, I even learned to control them and not succumb, I haven't had a night terror in about 6 years until I had a afternoon nap today, it came out of nowhere, i became concious, then felt I was losing control i sensed an evil presence in the bedroom and even saw a black wispy type creature, i felt myself going under but fought and fought then it went away, I woke up exhausted. I dont scream or shout or even move from room to room during my terrors, according to some sites that's what i'm supposed to do!

I have experienced different types of terrors, most interestingly the old hag on the chest, that was one of my worst..
I have had my legs lift up into the air as if someone was trying to drag me off the bed.
I have had satan sitting at the side of my bed with hundreds of different faces, on that occasion I even had two little goblins sitting at the end of my bed giggling at my torment.

Today was just a one off in many years, probably because I am under a lot of stress at the moment with work, but what I would say to anyone is, don;t be afraid as this will make it worse, instead challenge it and even laugh in the face of it and I assure you it will go away.

sweet dreams

Re: night terror/paralysis

You've had some good ones, then, I am actually jealous!

Thanks for your comments :-)


My 2year old son has been having frequent night terrors recently. They usually occur at around 1 a.m when he starts screaming hysterically at what looks like things coming at him. He cowers and screams and is inconsolable. This is very distressing for myself and my other 4 year old son who is awoken with all the commotion. Sometimes his night terrors can last about 3 hours. I am going out of my mind with worry and don't know how to handle the situation when it occurs. I would be very grateful for some advice.

Re: Nightterrors

can see how disstreesing this is for you.I suffered as a child from sereve night terrors.All i can say is try not to jerk him awake, he can appear to be awake when infact he will be a sleep, i found that if i got sudenely awoken whilst in this state it distreesed me more.Try a night time comfort,maybe a night light or go out and get a new tedy or action figure and use it as a dream guard,explain to your son hes a friend who looks after him while he sleeps

night terrors

as a child i suffered very bad night terrors waking up paralized,waking up lashing out and screaming,crying.Im 23 now and still suffer but it is a lot milder than when i was a kid.I actually feel a little saner reading everybodys posts,some times i dont even want to sleep cause im too scarced or cant be bothered with my dreaming.I would always dream of demons throwing stuff all round the house and trying to get me.My mum informed me i used to sleep walk and discovered when i sleep walked i was dreaming of flying down the stairs or swimmimg in the air crazy eh,anyone ever ad these dreams

Re: night terrors

This is amazing because I too would sleepwalk. Everytime and I really mean every time I would teeter at the top of the stairs. My family was so afraid I would jump or fall down but I didn't attempt to do that. I would just sway back and forth.
My most vivid dream would have been demons chasing me through the city and it was raining blood. I ran so hard but Didn't have a clue where I was going except running. And I was trying to help the babies I heard crying. But I never really found them.
And then I would wake up either in my bed or in another room in the house from sleepwalking.
Demons (that I can't see but feel their presence) have always played a huge part in my dreams. But from all that I am reading about night terrors there seems to be a common factor. And all these years I thought I just had nightmares.

need some advi

As a child I had to go to therapy for the nightmares. My dreams have consisted of my observations of people being slaughtered, not shot but absoulute torture, death and dying.
Through the last twenty years I have had random 'bad dreams' as I like to refer to them. But now they are back and as bad as ever.
I wake to complete paralysis (may be for seconds but it seems like an eternity). I feel as if I can't breath because I am choking from the demons entering into my body (in my dreams). As a result I often sweat profusely and have to change my clothes. And not to forget my heart feels as if it could explode because of how fast it is beating.
For a long time I learned to get control through writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up but due to the fact I haven't had to worry about nightmares for a while, I have gotten out of the habit.
I believe stress has played a part and my father has always dreamed as I dream. The exception is he is more active. Ex: Kicking our living room window out trying to fight with an alligator. Or going to bed and, waking up in our small town in the car. He drove there but didn't remember doing so.(some would say he must have been drinking but he doesn't drink).

So if there are any suggestions I would really appreciate some feedback because I really don't want to start all of this over again. It is terrifying.

Re: need some advi

I have a 20 year old daughter who is experiencing nightmares that are unbelievable. She also witnesses torture of loved ones in graphic detail. She is at university and it is making her life a misery, she is often too scared to go to sleep at night. Doctors have virtually laughed us out of the room, advising her to set an alarm for 2.00 am, she woke, used the toilet, had a drink of water, went back to bed and returned to the nightmares!

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I have suffered from this for years however I never have visions. I hate when it happens it is so terrifying. I never sleep flat on my back, never.I have found if I do not sleep on my back, If I do not sleep with pressure on the back of my neck ( like with a neck pillow that causes your neck to tilt back, and if I don't over eat before bed, I can control the occurances. Having a fan on will also, because of the breeze. I have had times when it has happened 3 times in one night. Leaving me pacing the floor and refusing to sleep.



hey everyone I am new here just thought I would send a shout out!!

Sometimes I have sleep paralysis. I know how to live with it. The best thing you can do: you don't have to panic from the "old hag". I think she ask you something. If you are afraid of her, she'll choke you.

I like to say thanks to her. When she arrives I know there's something with me. I think she just give a warning about the future.


Generally good advice, thanks for commenting.

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my dreams

hi vexen!

not a long time ago I had a nightmare about a murderer in my school. I first thought we must ran away from him. (we= Me and some friends) We ran and ran but couldn't escape. We planned a flight plan to be safe and it worked, we didn't saw him for a while until we wanted to finish our plan. We saw him and he said:'Look out the window.' What I saw was terrible. My boyfried was dead and nailed on a cross on the school by the second floor. I ran outside and cried ofcourse. Later (in my dream) the asked my to come in. I was crieing and thinking outside, didn't knwe what to do. When Iwas inside they asked me tot recocnize him, as identification I guess. When I saw his white and calm face I hold back. Probably couln't stand it. It was all so real!

My problem is that some weird dream may come true in a weird or differend way. But the next morning is always scary. Laying in your bed and asking yoursef the question: Is he alive?
I'm not the only one who dreams about dying or/and a dieing love. My boyfriend has thesame problem but he dreams about the end of the life of his friends, people he don't know and most of the time me...

He doesn't want to search help and I disagree with that but will never force him to do it.

See you on the other side, poison Illusion

Sleep paralysis

Im 25. I've had sleep paralysis for about 10-11 years. I have many questions and many theories, as well as diagnosis' from professionals. I basically can answer your questions. ssjdmx420@yahoo.com.

Re: Sleep paralysis

I hope you can help. I had a bad experience last night.

I felt something or someone pin me down to the bed by my wrists whilst pushing my legs apart. I thought I was about to be raped. It all happened in an instant and I couldn't move. In my mind I realised that I had to concentrate on opening my eyes to be able to break the paralysis, nightmare and the sleep. I did this and everything was ok again in an instant. But the dream frightened me and it seemed so real, so incredably real.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my email. Can you rationalise this for me? I'm feeling worried about going to sleep tonight. It's 3pm already.

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sleep paralasys

I have been experiencing sleep paralasys for about the past 5 years and it use to happen to me all of the time. And as i have done more and more research on the matter i have read alot about it being caused from stress which i thought could actually be true because things have recently been going very well for me in the past year and they dissapeared but jsut recently they have started again. But only this time they are almost every night. I havnt experience the "old lady" as i have read in other peoples comments. Never the less it is extremely scary. I hate this feeling every night when i go to bed i dont want to go to sleep in fear that it will happen again. Its almost as if im dead or im dying i cant make a noise even if my life depended on it when this is happening. I cant move and my chest feels constricted almost as if some one is sitting on me.

Re: sleep paralasys

that´s bad, maybe something is changed in your life, and that could be a reason for the nightmare.
I only dream if I thinkk of ir, o use a stone for guiding me. Maybe you can find a guide to help you of the bad dreams. It can be everything; (dream)stone, dreamcatcher, teddy... Something you can believe in and gives you hope. There are a lot sites where the meaning of the aspect is explained. Maybe that can help you out. But don't think it's really gonna happen. Cause it's mostly not. Maybe are you stuck with yourself in a hard position or question that you can't see if you are awake but you remember it in "your being" and won't forget it until you dreamed it. I undersyaand it's hard to have such a period. Good luck, wasting the dawn (internet name for flickr and anonymous posts)

I am a 44 yaerl old man, when I was a teenager I suffered bad sleep paralasys I kind of grew out of it but still sometimes I have nightmare's Last night was a classic. It was windy here, gales so sleep wasnt deep at anytime. I was with a partner I dont know who, I never saw there face. We where going to see family, I dont know who's. When we arrived it was to a round building by the sea it was beautiful, as you rounded on the door we where going to you could see the see it was like an infinity pool the waves where at eye level and huge. there was an old woman who had keys, she oppened the door to a close, I am Scottish a close is a communal area for a number of flats or appartments. I spoke, to ask which way we should go. She replyed that she was supprised we could'nt hear them they where so happy I was comming home. She let us into a dark hall. whoever was with me went first. I saw behind us there was a cat and a monkey come through the door. The monky attaked my partners legs and everyone in the room laughed I heard some woman say ignore him he does that. But that dammed monkey turned on me it grabed my throat, I could feel its rough hands harsh and hard tighten around my windpipe. I thought about hitting it but as I looked at it its snout was face level to my mouth, I thought it had climed onto me like a tree, but it was standing on its back feet and was the same hight as me. As I thought about hitting it I knew it was wanting me to fight back, it had huge teeth, I think it was a baboon, never seen one except on tv. I screemed for help, there was a crack of light from where everyone else had gone but I woke up. I got up had a cig and went back to bed. only for it to continue

Sorry I missed out the whole point I have markes over my throat


Since I can remember I have had dreams of deamons. They have become so much a part of me, when there was a lapse in these dreams; I felt incomplete. The lapse I am referring to was for aprox. the first year of my daughter's life. She would sleep on my chest every night. Shortly after she was two, they returned. I may go a week or two, at most, without having one, but that is all. Is there a meaning I am missing; is there a symbol I am missing?