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I chose my job, apart from the genuine desire to work for Europe, to get close to "normal" people. But I hate it. I work with the lowest scum of the Earth. My workmates epitimize trash culture at its worst, I'm actively insulted and attacked for owning books that aren't SAS biographies, for being interested in how things work and for being, basically, intelligent and sensible.

The kids here go out and get drunk every weekend, the only knowledge they have of Germany outside of our large work premises is where the pubs and brothels are. They are the worst of the worst, giving England a bad name whilst at the same time our job (collectively) is to promote harmony worldwide (with a British-interest bias, of course). I don't drink much, but this lot make me want to go T-total!

I am learning a lot from them about the mass of humanity that I normally stand above. That's what I want - to be able to live effectively amongst the mundanes, even the worst mundanes, the racists, the violent, the criminals and worst of all, the morons and stupids, live among them so I learn how to deal with them better. Well I've learned a lot.

But as far as fitting in goes, I'm the philosopher amongst violent degenerates, Simon from Lord of the Flies, Zarathustra preaching to those who wont listen and don't understand.

For example... no-one else in my block (of 20 people) puts their recycling in the recycling bins... they put any trash anywhere, meaning nothing gets recycled. The seniors don't care and scoff at the idea of recycling and pointless, "who cares about recycling?", "who cares about the environment, I'll be dead!".

Nonetheless, except when drunk and at their most moronic, I have friends here. Obviously I'd trust my life with them, and they'll do the same.

Conversation is nearly always misogynistic, moronic, everyone reads The Sun. Although I get respect soemtimes for reading proper newspapers and for being the ... work-unit sage (although they don't know me well yet in that sense), I have next to nothing in common with anyone here!

I've learned a lot... but I might give up on these reprobates and leave after a few years, rather than as long as I originally planned. If promotion goes well, I'll stay. Or maybe I'll move into the Information Systems department first and give that a go.

Life plans are changing too, I'm wanting to buy a house and build a base for myself, so I can get more stuff done. Work takes up a lot of evenings and weekends. But at least I'm online!
Tags: misogyny, trash culture, untermensch, workmates
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