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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Giving up coffee!

Oh my! It's true!

My last coffee was 2002 Jan 20 (Sat), the one before that was 2002 Jan 18 (Thur)... before that I was on 3 or 4 (strong) cups a day.

I'll still drink it in Slimelight, and when I really need to... but basically I'm giving it up as a habit. So far... it's been too easy!

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Giving up coffee isn't really all that difficult...

I've done it several times in the past... even without realising once.

Coffee isn't additive!

*scampers off to make his third cup of the day*

Ahh.. but if you gave it up more than once, then you were STILL ADDICTED! Bwahahahah!

Honest :)

Mouse = wise.


I think you need coffee...

... as you're losing track of what day it is!

>2002 Jan 20 (Sat), the one before that was 2002 Jan 18 (Thur)

20th was Sunday and the 18th (my birthday! yay!) was Friday... =^.^=

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